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Date Night Makeup Tips For The Makeup-Impaired

Date Night Makeup Tips For The Makeup-Impaired

Clueless with your cosmetics?

Whether you've been praised for a your smokey eye skills or forever struggled with a simple lined lid, everyone goes through phases of good and bad makeup looks.

Those flawless beauty moments balance out the inevitable makeup misses. Who didn't experiment with blue sparkly eyeshadow and purple lip liner at one point or another?

Whether you're eyeliner-impaired, color palette-blind or have an affinity for the Snooki-inspired umpa lumpa-looking bronze, these makeup tips and tricks will give you a newfound confidence with your cosmetics — and your date-night look.

Watch and become a makeup master in minutes!

1. 5 Minutes Before Your Date: Here's how to apply the drugstore makeup you have at the bottom of your purse in no time.


2. 3 Minutes Before Your Date: Get mesmerizing, shimmery eyes with this makeup tutorial for beginners.


3. 13 Minutes Before Your Date: Learn how to make your eyes pop, once and for all. In this tutorial, you'll learn learn eyeshadow 101, with twists for different eye shapes.

4. 5 Minutes Before Your Date: Don't want to overdo it for a night out with your guy? Get the natural look, with these eyeshadow basics.

5. 9 Minutes Before Your Date: From foundation to lips, this tutorial shows you how to get that flawless look he can't resist.


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