11 Bizarre Facts About Male Masturbation We Bet You NEVER Knew

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11 Facts about Male Masturbation

Before we look at these exciting facts about male masturbation, let us first understand what masturbation is. It is the act of simulation one's genital with an aim of achieving an orgasm.

Orgasm makes an individual feel good and this brings about a sense of satisfaction. This is a natural act and according to continuous research, the majority of both men and women have masturbated at one point in their lives.

Men have dominated in masturbation with some masturbating several times in a week. Research further indicates that the number of women who frequently masturbate is less compared to that of men.

The following are 11 facts that you never knew about male masturbation:

1. Reduces the risk of getting prostate cancer.

This is a common male sexual disorder and according to research conducted by Harvard Medical School, male masturbation in men over fifty years old has been proven to lower the risk of contracting prostate cancer. It improves prostate health in men.

However, masturbation has been linked to increased risk of getting prostate cancer for men at a young age. For men over the age of 50, masturbating can be an option in curbing prostate illness.

2. Prevents male sexual disorders.


Male sexual disorders such as low libido can be rectified by masturbation. Some studies have revealed that masturbation tends to increase men's sexual stamina. This is because self-exploration in men enables them to experience pleasure. This consequently makes them have longer sexual activity periods during a sexual intercourse.

3. Enhances creativity.

Male masturbation makes men creative because men usually develop their own techniques in masturbation. Every man will devise a plan that works for him. The goal is to have maximum pleasure in masturbation. This creativity is further translated to the real sexual intercourse, making it pleasing.

4. Reduces stress.

Yes, this might seem not true but the fact is male masturbation is a stress reliever. In fact some male sexual disorders has been linked to stress.

The science behind this fact is that when men orgasm, the body tends to release Oxytocin, a feel-good hormone. Oxytocin has been associated with the reduction of stress not only in men but also in women. When masturbation is done regularly, it acts as a much-needed stress reliever.

5. Decreases the risk of heart attack. 

Recent studies show that men who regularly achieve an orgasm have a decreased risk of getting a heart attack. Furthermore, orgasm tends to have a protective effect on male heart.

Cardiovascular health is the most concern of many people nowadays and male masturbation tends to solve that.

6. Boosts immune system functioning in men. 


When men frequently masturbate, it potentially leads to good health. This is an according to studies that revealed that in when men masturbate and achieve an orgasm, the level of cortisol hormone increases. This hormone is responsible for enhancing the functionality of the immune system and reduces male sexual disorders.

7. Prevents common penis problems.

Prostatorrhea is a male sexual disorders whereby the penis discharges seminal fluid while men are urinating. This condition is a result of cumulated seminal fluid in male genital glands.

This happens mostly to men who refrain from having sex, due to personal or religious beliefs. These fluids ought to be released through ejaculation and if this doesn't happen the fluid is released during urination. This makes masturbation the cure for Prostatorrhea.

8. Improves sperm motility.

Some studies show that male masturbation enhances the sperm motility and the quality. Orgasm and ejaculation before the actual sexual intercourse discharge the lingering sperms in male semen.

This makes the next ejaculation; during intercourse have 'better' sperms. This makes conceiving easier and fast because the sperms are of high quality.

9. Prevents STD and pregnancy. 

When men don't intend to make their ladies pregnant, masturbation is the safest and better method to accomplish this. It creates fulfillment without actual vaginal penetration.

Additionally, masturbation helps in preventing STDs. Both STDs and pregnancy are kept at bay because of no physical penetration.

10. Makes the penis harder.


As men age, they usually lose muscle tone, however, is nothing to worry about. This is because male masturbation works out the penis muscles and prevents both incontinences and erectile dysfunction. It makes the penis more energetic.

In order for men to achieve a harder penis and prevent male sexual disorders, they can masturbate three to five times a week.

11. Increases confidence.

Your own body is the first thing you should love and take care of. In fact, in order to love others, it is recommended that you should love yourself first. This is the same case when it comes to male masturbation.

Men tend to appreciate their body and this makes them have confidence. Masturbating makes you feel good and this makes you knowledgeable about your physical sense.

As you can see, some of these facts are more of benefits of male masturbation. This clears up the confusion about it.

For years, masturbation has been deemed as a sin and an evil thing. However, this is not the case. These facts will help men understand masturbation better.