5 Celebrity Couples Who Renew Their Vows

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling

These celebrities have all taken a re-do on their "I do's."

When celebrity couples want to make a declaration of their undying love, they go all out with a vow renewal ceremony. While some stars do it purely for the romance, others might be re-engaging for a more practical purpose (to quiet rumors of divorce, to apologize for possible infidelities, to see how much extravagance you can get away with, or to even make a quick buck, for example). Read on to see which Hollywood couples are taking the plunge all over again. 7 More Lasting Celebrity Couples

1) Seal & Heidi Klum
This incredibly happy couple, married since 2005, renew their vows every year on their anniversary, with a different theme each time. Personally, we think it will be hard to top last year's redneck theme. The ceremonies may range from ritzy to humorous, but their always romantic. Klum said, "It's about remembering this moment of love we gave to each other and reinforcing it. It's so special to us, something we love and something our children have gotten accustomed to."

2) Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott
When rumors start flying that your marriage is failing, a vow renewal speaks volumes. Tori and Dean quieted the nay-sayers with a second wedding in Beverly Hills (where else?) over Mother's Day weekend, after four years as husband and wife. Since they were first married on a beach, the couple stood in a sandbox, while their two children played at their feet. They also washed their rings in saltwater before putting them back on, though that particular bit of symbolism might be less about location and more about a fresh start—just a guess.

3) Josh Duhamel & Fergie
To commemorate their first year of marriage—and possibly to put the whole rumored affair with a stripper behind them—Josh and Fergie renewed their vows while overlooking the ocean in Santa Barbara, California. The affair was an intimate one because there were no guests invited. In fact, the whole event was a surprise. A helicopter ride, a limo, and a private dinner all part of the evening. Josh has said that he'd like to renew his vows annually, like Heidi and Seal. We can't wait to see what's in store for January of 2011. Fergie, Josh Duhamel Renew Their Vows

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