7 FUNNY Songs Guaranteed To Make You Smile (Even If Your Day Sucks)

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 Here's 7 Songs That Will Make You Howl

Prepare to crack up laughing!

Things sure are serious in the world these days. From the troubling U.S. presidential race to terror around the globe, things feel pretty heavy

We could all use a good laugh to lighten the mood, don't you think?

So, why don’t we laugh more when we need it most? After all, they say it's the best medicine

Journalist Norman Cousins even wrote a famous story and then book, Anatomy of an Illness, about the healing powers of a hearty ha-ha-ha. While recovering from a crippling, irreversible disease, Cousins’ "treatment" consisted of laughter, courage and tenacity. His medicine? Hours and hours of "The Three Stooges," and anything else that made him laugh out loud.

Yes, I think it's time we actively seek a little humor therapy for what ails our day to day. I propose an up-level for that Rx, however. We know that laughter makes us feel good. And we also know that music has an incredible power to change our mood and help us feel good. So what happens when you merge those two things together?

Funny songs? Yes, exactly. 

So, do you have a humor playlist?

If your day is in need of some comic relief, here are a few howlers — in no particular order — that will put a smile on your face in short order. If you aren’t familiar with the, uh, creative artists behind the words and music, they're all worth much deeper listening.

(Before we begin, a disclaimer: If you Google "funniest music," lots of vulgar, sexist and racist songs, rap and hip-hop will top your search results. The list below, while not politically correct, is NOT offensive in those ways. And, as always with music, your taste in humor may vary … and that’s OK, too!)

Now, click away and let the healthy, healing, hilarious laughing begin: 

1. Business Time by Flight of the Conchords

This is the funniest song ever written about doin’ that thang.

2. Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al is probably the Number One comedy "singer/songwriter" today. Would Michael Jackson laugh at this parody? Who cares! It’s funny.

"Get yourself an egg and beat it

Have some more chicken, have some more pie

It doesn’t matter if it’s boiled or fried

Just eat it."

3. Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind by Kelly Pickler

'Nuff said.

4. Road Rage by Jimmy Fallon

Yup. Jimmy Fallon. He’s got a few musical comedy albums out there. Another hit is Idiot Boyfriend.

5. Bolero Completely Unraveled by Sandra Boynton

Yup: that Sandra Boynton. It’s possible to be hilarious even without words, as this re-imagining of the movie theme from "10" aptly demonstrates.

6. Ramblin' Man by Steve Martin

King Tut was great, but Ramblin’ Man is Steve at his musical-genius comedic best.

7. Send the Marines by Tom Lehrer

The godfather of musical comedy gave us this timeless hit, along with its closely-related cousin: It Makes a Fellow Proud to Be a Soldier.

There’s always more: Jon LaJoie, Bo Burnham, Nick Thune, and the comedy and country star Rodney Carrington, as well as Zach Galifinakis (who plays a mean piano) and my perpetual favorite Barenaked Ladies.

Here’s your assignment: build a humor playlist that makes YOU laugh. Hard. Trust me: in this life, you’re going to need it.

Oh, and lastly, a departing joke: I wondered why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.

Ha! Ha!

Bill Protzmann is a speaker and life coach on a mission to raise awareness about the power of music as self care. Want to join the music care movement? Check out the Music Care website or sign up for lessons.