The #1 Way Women Turn Men Off (Without Even Trying)

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Your Masculine Energy Scares The Men You're Dating
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Men want to get to know YOU, not a sales pitch.

When you meet a man that your body likes, your body will recognize the attraction and immediately go to work. The question to ask is... Are you selling yourself or are you being yourself when you're dating?

If you're selling yourself, you will notice it by the fact that you're talking a lot. Women sell from their masculine energy. This means you will come off as giving a presentation or performance.

Being yourself is a completely different energy. You might call it your feminine energy because you feel good to do good instead of doing good to feel good (for more on this, read A Life Of Love).

You can tell the difference by your speed. If you're in a hurry to get a man when you meet him, chances are, your masculine energy has taken over.


It's the same as when you meet a man who acts like a circus performer when he meets you. He's very entertaining, but there's just no substance behind him. That's because he's selling you with his feminine energy.

The challenge is when a man is selling you something, he's usually not in the position to buy.

Selling yourself to a man will indicate to him you're not available for a relationship, and he will treat you as a hook up because you sold him on the idea of you. In order to have a relationship, it has to be his idea.

This happens when you're being yourself (you'll see if you watch the Chemistry To Commitment video).

Being yourself attracts real men to you and they will go out of their way to win you over. It's about knowing you're the prize and acting like it. This means we're moving away from seeking admiration.

Admiration is for what you do, love is for being who you are. It's the difference between selling yourself and being yourself.

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