7 Flirty Ways Shy Girls Can Get A Guy's Attention — Without Saying A Word

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How To Flirt With A Man & Make Him Fall In Love When You're Shy & Introverted

When it comes to dating and falling in love, don't think of your shy, introverted personality as an obstacle; in fact, it's what gives you a special edge when it comes to flirting and getting a man’s attention! 

But hear this relationship advice: Being shy isn't a bad thing at all. It’s just about mastering your shyness so you can use it to your benefit and learning how to flirt with guys effectively.

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So if you want to learn how to flirt with a man and make him fall in love with you, these 7 flirting tips for shy, introved women can help you stand out from the crowd and get his attention:

1. "Own" your shyness.

If you tend to be hard on yourself and have moments of doubt because of your shyness, then it's time to try and control that inner self-talk dialogue and replace it with something positive.

Sometimes, the not-so-positive things you say about yourself can feel more natural to listen to than all of the positive things you have to say about yourself. So if you think badly of your shyness, it's time to turn things around and claim your shyness instead. Recognize that it's a part of who you are, and choose to be proud of it rather than put yourself down.

Try this exercise: Go stand in front of a mirror and compliment everything about yourself, including your shyness. It might sound silly at first, but soon you’ll start to actually listen to all the good things you're saying about yourself. This will help you own and accept your shyness, which allows you to thrive in your feminine power.

2. Give him permission to make the first move.

You don’t have to be the prettiest woman, the skinniest girl, have the best outfit on, or be the funniest girl in the group. But you do have to get him to notice you.

To make that happen, you have to first be physically near him. Step into the same area where he is so you can engage him with some quick eye contact — then give him a small smile. Not only will it help grab his attention, it shows your confidence which men find attractive — even if you're faking it! That's because when you smile at a man, you come off as warm and engaging. 

Think of it this way: Men are afraid of being rejected, just like women are. If he’s interested in you but doesn’t know if he should talk to you, a smile can make all the difference and give him the chance to approach you.

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3. Show off your personality with clothing.

You know that motto “You’ve gotta pay to play?” Well, when you buy a new outfit or rock one that you know looks good, it boosts your confidence, which can help you stand out from the crowd.

This doesn't mean you have to dress overly sexy. It just means you need to be true to your personal style!

5. Tell him something interesting.

If you want to have more luck with dating, get out and do something new and exciting for yourself — like tackling an item that's been on your bucket list or doing an activity you've always wanted to try but never have.

Not only will it give you something fun to discuss with the next guy you meet, but it could be a great way to meet people, too.

6. Use color to stand out of a crowd.

Whether it's your outfit, shoes, accessories or even your lipstick, bright happy colors are eye-catching. It's as simple as that. 

Wearing a bold color will help you stand out and grab his attention, which is the fastest way to build attraction with a man. And here’s a fun hint: If you want guys to notice you, add a pop of red somewhere — either to your outfit or your lipstick — because red is proven to catch a man's eye more than any other color!

7. Flirt silently.

Men find women intriguing when they're able to flirt silently, and it's surprisingly simple to pull off — even if you're shy and introverted. All it takes is a little body language.

Try this move the next time a guy catches your attention: Peer at him from the corner of your eye and give him a slight smile while you do a flirty shoulder shrug. If you're feeling especially bold, you can give him a wink or even bite your lip to heat things up fast. Practice at home in the mirror first. And if it doesn't work the first time, don't worry — there are plenty of guys out there for you to try it on!

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Even though you'd rather stay home watching Netflix most nights, you have to get out there if you want to find the great guy of your dreams. So stay motived and use these flirting tips to get a guy's attention — no matter how shy and introverted you may feel right now. 

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