2 Reasons Some People Are Just Way Better At Flirting Than You

Don't be jealous — learn how to do it better.

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Whether you're an eye batter, a lock flipper, or a gaze holder, flirting is an acquired skill that many of us need help honing.

Have you met that special someone that makes your stomach flutter? Or, are you looking for the one? Then you need to know how to flirt to get their attention.

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Now, you don't have to be perfect at flirting. People do find it adorable when you are shy and blushing! But it's nice to have a little idea about where to even start.


Flirting is not something we are naturally good at most of the time. So, we all need some tips and tricks to help us get our flirt on.

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Always remember that as long as you have the courage to put yourself out there, it will all work out, even if it's not perfect. So with courage, these tips will give you the confidence you need to take that first step to meet your soulmate.


Here are 2 reasons some people are just way better at flirting than you:  

1. Flirting is in their genes.

When people are single and married, they tend to be in the most flirtatious of the love stages, though their come-hither cues are often non-verbal and subconscious.

Non-verbal cues are a very subconscious way we flirt with people we like. It's our biology taking over as a way to facilitate the growth of our species.

We feel this attraction because we, like every other species on the planet, are wired to procreate. It's in our nature to have babies.

Biologists say that the proclivity to flirt is passed through our DNA. Our existence is proof that our ancestors out-flirted their reproductive competition so that they were the ones who were able to reproduce.


This is good news for those people out there who don't think they're very good at attracting the person of their affection because you don't have to actively flirt to attract someone. It's all in your body language.

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2. They're intelligent and not conventionally attractive.

Smart, ugly people flirt better. OK, that's not exactly how flirting expert Eve Marx put it, but she points out that there's an art to attracting the opposite sex — and it sure doesn't depend on your bone structure.

In fact, you might not get what you want if you let your looks do the work for you. The best flirtation comes from learning to present yourself with confidence.


Hold your shoulders back and your head up high because when you give off an air of confidence, more people will be attracted to you. Confidence is contagious and people will gravitate toward you because of it.

So there you have it! Now, get out there and get your flirt on.

But don't worry if it takes a little while to find your special someone, or if you kiss a few toads along the way. That just means the one for you is still out there. You just haven't met them yet.


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Genevieve Lill is the Editor-in-Chief of Simplemost.