Medical Intuitive Reveals The Deeper Meaning Behind A Sore Throat

A message from both the universe and your body.

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A common challenge many people have is a painful sore throat that strangely seems to hurt on the outside as well as inside. When trying to eat or swallow something, you also feel the pain more, and it is almost like you don't want to swallow, or something is not allowing you to swallow.

Some people call it a lump in your throat and associate it with crying, and sometimes it is. But it's often something even deeper. There are many factors to consider in a throat issue, including strep throat, allergies, the common cold, and more. For any of those issues, consult a medical care provider. Today we will look at the causes that are more spiritual or metaphysical.


Four spiritual reasons your throat hurts, even when you're healthy

1. The throat is a memory storage device

Ā To give more perspective, throat issues hit an area of the body that stores memories and emotions. This area can store more trauma than almost any other body part. You can think about it from an energetic perspective of the chakras.

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2. Communication issues are manifesting there

For most people, the most common and easiest place to go with this is communication. If you've had any communication issues, whether big or small or for a short time or the longest time, there will be indications going on with the throat.

3. You feel silencedĀ 

You might not have been allowed to speak your truth as a child or maybe you are not able to express yourself at your workplace. Or, nobody cares to listen to you at home. You try to reach out to friends and family, and they always misunderstand you no matter how good your intentions are. All of these translate to having our speech choked.

When you think of the symbolic significance of feeling choked, it is in the throat area.Ā 

The whole message is blocked, which makes it painful because you're trying to say something, but it's not coming out. So, you follow it back, and it hurts. When you're trying to say something and are not able to, it will probably manifest as a sore throat.


Mouth taped shut and fristratred, she can't speak up SFC via Shutterstock

Once you realize the source of the problem and let go, you start to heal. But it takes a lot of work to peel those layers off. It's painful. Just like the sore throat, nobody wants to go there. There are a lot of fears that come up when people try to heal communication issues.

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4. Fear is being stored in your throat

Fear of rejection and being shut down affects us. If this is something that's been haunting you for a long time, the sore throat or any variations thereof, I invite you to pause and start looking at what's been going on in different areas in terms of communication.Ā 

Where have you been able to express, and where have you not been able to express? And also how you feel when you have to say something when you have to speak up. It's not just the volume of speech, it's about the ability to speak up. When you have the opportunity to speak up, will you take it?

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Focus on communication in your life

I'm not talking about cell phones. I'm talking about expression and speaking up. Once that passage opens, you can start sharing from the heart. Tap into your heart. If there are issues you need to release, go ahead and let them go so you can speak up and move forward.

You can take action.

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Archanaa Shyam is an Intuitive Visionary Strategist and Catalyst and medical intuitive who is a student of Shamanic Astrology. She is a medical intuitive, a master energy transmitter and channel, and integrates all of these interests and talents into helping clients in various ways.