How To Take Care Of Yourself When Mercury's In Retrograde And Everyone's CRAZY

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Finding your Grounding When Mercury is in Retrograde
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As Mercury is going into retrograde, it is time to start adding some dedicated soul care time into your routine. 

If you are someone that struggles with balance and grounding in your life, Mercury in retrograde can amplify those tendencies. Similar to the moon phases, the effects of mercury in retrograde can affect the body’s energy if you are not caring for your body, mind, and soul. 

If you can stay mindful and aware, you will avoid the backward pull and keep your heart centered.

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Mercury in retrograde is actually Mercury moving backwards into its shadow. Therefore it has an effect on technologies, communication, as well as individual judgment, which can become hazy or clouded. It has been known as a time not to sign new agreements; rather a time to sit and reconsider or reevaluate. 

Some people are affected by the backward motion and have a tendency to regress back to old patterns or revisit old relationships. Mercury in retrograde is a time that you could get caught up in your own shadow or the shadow of others.

Watch this Vox video explaining the science behind Mercury in retrograde.


You might not be able to control the actions of others but you can find ways to balance and ground yourself. Take the time to care for your soul during the 3-week period of Mercury in retrograde. 

If you do not care for your soul the energy in your body will not flow effectively which may cause or trigger health issues. Soul care activities will revitalize the body’s energy and allow energy to flow effectively throughout the body.

1. Do yoga.

This might be a good time to consider a heart centered yoga practice. Good heart opener poses will help you feel centered

2. Go on a walk.

Taking nature walks will help you stay grounded and rooted, it will also help you clear that mental fog or cloudiness that can come from being in your shadow or the shadow of others. 

3. Eat healthy.

You will want to ensure you are eating healthy and well-balanced meals. Try and consume ample root vegetables and berries which aid the grounding process. 

Hydrating with gem water (appropriate grounding stones) and taking in extra water during this time will be beneficial.   

4. Pray and meditate.

Prayerful meditating with grounding stones such as red calcite, red jasper, black tourmaline, or shungite will help anchor you to your spirituality.

Journaling and documenting how your managing during Mercury in retrograde will help you identify the changes in your body, mind, and soul.

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Finding a spiritual connection and connecting to that source will allow for continued success moving forward even though the draw is backward. Being mindful and aware of our own intentions is the key during Mercury in Retrograde, while forgiving others during this time is essential to your own personal growth. Be kind to yourself and others.

Let a good soul care routine keep your body’s energy balanced and your heart center strong.

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Anita Stettner is a Body Mind Soul Coach helping others find freedom and peace in life by adding soul care and a spiritual connection. For more info regarding the practice of soul care and building your core strength to find a balanced lifestyle, visit Butterflies and Dragonflies.