5 Ways To Make Your Woman Want To Have Sex With You ALL. THE. TIME

It starts before you even get together.

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Guys, it is totally worth your time and effort to learn how to please a woman sexually. "What did you say? What about me? When do I get the attention?" Settle down, I'll tell you what you need to know.

So what to do? Here's the key: Playful and fun text messages are door openers. The cell phone in your woman's hand is a remote control. Being your fun and sexy self turns her on. She loves the playful bantering because of these playful and fun texts, with no sex talk but lots of unspoken sexual tension, is foreplay.


That's right — remote control foreplay. Imagine that every time you tease her with a text, she takes one step toward you sexually. By the time you guys get together, you will both be charged and ready for fantastic sex. Plus, if you can't be together physically, you will both leave satisfied completely.

Now research shows that women consider helping out around the house a kind of foreplay. That may be true, but text her in just the right way with just the right words and you will have her undying physical affection. Here are 5 tips for starting a little fire in her belly and learning how to make a girl want you.


1. She needs to feel cared for and pampered.


Imagine you are creating a virtual reality for her. You can start any text session with, "If I were there right now..." These six words almost always make her stop what she's doing and tune in.

2. She needs to know you're thinking about her. 

An unexpected text sends a shiver right where it needs to go. Text her what you would do if you were there. The less sex talk, the better. Be playful and flirty with just a hint of dirty. Watch her responses; she will let you know when she's ready to take it deeper.


3. Set times when you will be available for text and then keep your word. 


If your woman is a textaholic and peppers you with texts all day long, setting the limits is critical. Chances are, she will feel rejected if you can't text back right away. This is especially true for men who are on adult chat sites. Many are married and cannot respond to texts in certain environments. 


Simply set a chat date with your woman. Tell her it is hot for you to text her and that you look forward to it.

4. Make sure she feels safe and comfortable. 

Don't move too fast. Slow is sexy. To build trust with her, let her call the shots. Once you see how well it works to keep your first few texts PG-rated, you won't have to push her to be more aggressive textually.

5. Tell a story. 



Women love stories. Imagine you are telling her a story as you text. You know your woman. What's the drama going on in her life? If it's her job, you would be rubbing her shoulders and running the tub for her after work. If it's her family, you would text her about how you would take her to a log cabin at the lake to defuse for a few days.

When this is done well, your lady should be mildly aroused and ready for a bit more provocative language. Go easy, though. Teasing is pleasing. Text sex with someone you care about is intoxicating. 

If you are not getting good results, here's one tip: Ask her if there are any words that are turn-offs to her. Tell her to write them down and promise never to use them. That should do the trick.