7 'Golden Rules' Of Hot, Mind-Blowing Cyber Sex

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How To Have GREAT Cyber Sex In 7 Easy Steps

I am freshly divorced and not looking for a forever man — I may never be ready to be part of a couple again. So how do I satisfy my sexual desires? Cyber sex makes it possible to find the Big O on my agenda with men who I love role playing with. Anonymity is HOT!

It all began when looking to ramp up my solo sex life so I did a Google search for erotic chat. l found men online who were willing to play by my rules. Old fashioned romance with no vulgarity — Harlequin Romance style story telling and role playing. 

When I was alone, with a cyber partner thousands of miles away, teasing me and pleasing me, my orgasms went to an extraordinary new level. Deeply fulfilling full body orgasm with barely perceptible physical touch.  

You don't have to be with a man to have mind blowing sex.

That's why cyber sex is a regular part of my life. I don't want to be in a couple right now. If I had orgasms like this in the arms of a man I was dating, I know it would lead where I don't want to go.

Can you relate? If so, I encourage you to try making solo sex a priority for a month. Make a goal to grow your solo sex repertoire and learn to orgasm on your own. Learn what your body is hungry for. There are some fantastic resources online, toy stores and erotic websites designed with women in mind — I hope you visit and share in the fantasy. 

Here is what you must know before you go down for some cybersex of your own:

1. Get a Gmail account just for cybering. 

You can make up any name you want but keep in mind you want to make it easy to remember. I never give out my phone number or personal email address no matter how they may coax me to give them the information. 

2. Find a place to play. 

There are many sites out there that offer cyber sex opportunities. I like Ashley Madison because it is free and I have met great partners there. Solo sex is great entertainment for free, so don't join anything right away. Remember — don't give out your personal email or phone number. 

3. Invest in great sex toys.

This includes beautiful lotions and oils and some sexy underwear. You don't have to wait until you have a man to wear beautiful lingerie!

4. Don't be pushed out of your comfort zone. 

Men, in their eagerness to spend time with you, will write what they hope are enticing emails. I tell them I have only one requirement. When they write back intrigued, I tell them I love to be with a man who is coachable.

5. Tell him what you want. 

If a man claims to be coachable, ask him, "What is the best way to tell you what I want you to do/say/write to me?" And then tell him when he says/writes something to you that cools you off. I love the story and the kissing, cuddling and fondling to last a long time. If the men I meet aren't into that, they move on.

6. Tell him when you are climaxing and encourage him to keep talking/typing. 

The right partner will ride your orgasm out with you and not demand anything in return. My orgasms last for as long as 30 minutes and sometimes longer. 

7. Listen to great sexy music and light candles. 

Celebrate YOU. Your body will find its way to orgasm as you relax. If you struggle to relax, you will benefit from the sexual fulfillment hypnosis sessions where you can find very effective tips. 

Solo sex is the safest sex — anonymous and distant and entirely self-focused. Have solo sex with yourself and for yourself and find the pure pleasure your body was designed to feel.