Erotic Story: Baby, You Taste So Good...

I love my Cougar....

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Pulling into the hotel late that night, the day's worth of business meetings had taken its toll. I checked in and the bored desk clerk gave me my room keys and a bottle of water. I made my way to the elevator, hit 'P' for penthouse, and headed up for a long hot shower and a possible soak.

I got off of the elevator, found my room and pressed the key home. I walked in, oblivious to my surroundings. The door closed behind me and it was then that I realized that there was the sound of running water coming from inside the room. I left my suitcase where it was and wandered in.


I found the tub and there you were leaning over it with your back to me, pouring bath salts into the extra large jacuzzi in the suite. You were bent over and your skirt had risen up the backs of your calves. I could see the tightening of your muscles and the tautness of your skirt across your ass. It was a lovely ass, I thought, and a smile crossed my face as I thought of licking the small of your back. I love how you taste!

I enjoyed watching you. Earbuds tucked in your ears, I knew you had no idea that I was there. Leaning on the door frame I tapped my finger on my arm in rhythm with the swing of your hips moving in time to some sexy Enrique Iglesias dance number. I like the way you move that ass.


You stepped back from the tub doing a spin, arms in the air you caught my eye. Bursting into embarrassed laughter you yanked your ear buds out and said, "Nice...spying on me, are you?"

"When did you get in?" I cleared my throat, voice thick with desire.

"Just got here," you returned, tiptoeing to reach up to kiss my neck. God, you smelled good. "I am a mess, all I want is a sudsy soak with my baby." A mess, yeah, right. I was getting hard already. Knowing what was ahead for both of us, I shifted position to conceal myself for the moment.

"I'll pour the wine...Cab or Malbec?"  I asked, walking out to the table where there were four bottles of wine—two white, two red—stemmed wine glasses, and a bowl of dark chocolate and strawberries. You jumped up and turned around, asking, "How did you know I love Malbec?"


"I pay attention, baby," I whispered. "Now go slip that gorgeous body into the tub and I'll join you in a minute."

"OK," you grinned up at me and wrapped your arms around my neck. "I am so glad to be here with you. I can't wait to play."

You leaned back slightly and I took my index finger and traced gently from your temple to your chin. Eyes closed, you made that throaty giggly sound that tells me you're getting turned on. I love knowing what is ahead for you. "Baby, no one is happier than me." I whispered as I tipped your face toward mine, leaned down and pressed my lips to yours.

Your mouth opened slightly, my sign to move deeper, and I hungrily traced your lips with the tip of my tongue. You opened your mouth even wider, inviting me in. Now I felt myself hardening quickly and, to my utter delight, you responded by pressing yourself closer to my body.  (Continue Reading)


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