Worker Chases After Customers Who Dined & Dashed On $600 Bill — 'These People Came In With The Intention To Not Pay'

They ordered so many drinks that they were eventually cut off.

Nyzeeria explains situation where customers dined and dashed. @nyzeeria / TikTok

Ordering a meal and then leaving without paying hurts both the restaurant owner and the server. Not only could the server have spent their time serving other paying tables, but workers or restaurant staff are often forced to front the unpaid bill.

In a recent instance, a large table walked out on an even larger bill. But their waitress followed them, making sure they didn't get away with it.

Nyzeeria C, known on TikTok as @nyzeeria, shared an encounter with some nightmarish patrons that has left people astounded.


The worker chased after customers who dined and dashed on a $600 bill.

In her viral video, Nyzeeria documented her pursuit of a large party of 12 who decided to dine and dash, leaving behind an unpaid bill totaling $598.

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In the footage, Nyzeeria is seen chasing after the family, who hastily try to escape through the restaurant parking lot. 


The video, captioned "POV you served a party of 12 who ran up a $598 tab and left thinking they wouldn't get caught," captured the tense moments as Nyzeeria confronted the fleeing patrons. Her pursuit ended with the arrival of two police cruisers, their flashing lights illuminating the scene.

worker chases after family who dined and dashed on $600 billPhoto: TikTok / @nyzeeria

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Due to the overwhelming response to her post and multiple requests for details, Nyzeeria uploaded a follow-up video recounting the incident in its entirety. The explanatory clip revealed the distressing events that took place on June 7th.

"I was working a double that day," Nyzeeria began. "I was supposed to be getting off work when my manager told me I was getting seated with this last table."

As she served the group, she observed the escalating consumption of alcohol at the table. Nyzeeria described the patrons as ordering "alcoholic beverages off rip," which signaled the start of a tumultuous encounter.

According to Nyzeeria, it was a constant back-and-forth as the group demanded more drinks even after having meals. Concerned about their escalating intoxication, Nyzeeria alerted her manager, who confirmed that the patrons had reached their alcohol limit.


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Despite her attempt to stop serving them further, the table grew hostile, leading to a chaotic dispute. 

The patrons lied about not receiving their meals, conjured up non-existent dishes, and eventually decided not to pay at all.



Nyzeeria's manager tasked her with noting down their car tag numbers, which led to the original video of her chasing them. With her coworker by her side, Nyzeeria realized that "these people came in with the intention to not pay," as they had parked their cars half a mile away.


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Exasperated, Nyzeeria decided to involve the authorities herself. When the police arrived, they brought everyone back to the restaurant, where the manager confirmed Nyzeeria's account.

Despite continuous denials from the patrons, Nyzeeria's video evidence was sufficient to back up her claims. Unfortunately, the family could only manage to pay half the bill. In the end, Nyzeeria was left with nothing but a sobering experience, as she received no tip for her additional hours.


The comment section of Nyzeeria's videos overflowed with empathy and outrage as people sided with her. "Manager is 100% liable; they should never have been sat at a table after leaving the bar. SMH. I'm sorry you dealt with that BS," one user commented.

Others echoed similar sentiments, agreeing that the customers had premeditated their actions and feeling sympathetic towards Nyzeeria. Many highlighted the bravery she demonstrated by not allowing the customers to get away with their crime.

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