People Are Searching For Woman Who Has Meltdown & Gets Off Plane After Claiming To See A Man Who Was Not Real

"I am telling you right now that mf'er is not real," she told her fellow passengers, and now people want to know exactly what she saw.

screenshots from video in which woman has a plane meltdown over a passenger who is 'not real' @king0fthotland / TikTok

Videos showing passengers having meltdowns on a plane are a dime a dozen these days, but the most recent meltdown to go mega-viral has a startling and bizarre twist. The video shows a woman frantically trying to get off a plane because she has seen a passenger in the back of the aircraft who she seemed to think was "not real." Now, a search is on to find her and figure out what went down on that plane.


The video shows a woman warning people of another passenger on the flight who she claims is "not real."

Part of what makes the Tiktok video so bizarre is the woman appears to be perfectly normal — she's well dressed, speaking clearly and doesn't seem to fit any of the stereotypes that would normally make this kind of video so easy to dismiss. And the intensity and obvious fear with which she speaks makes one thing clear — whatever it is she thinks she saw, it was very real to her.



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"I'm getting the fu-k off," the woman is heard saying emphatically as she storms up the aisleway of the plane, "and there's a reason why I'm getting the fu-k off, and everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it. I don't give two sh-ts."

Visibly upset, her voice then constricts as if she is on the verge of tears as she points to the back of the plane. "But I am telling you right now that motherfu-ker back there is not real." She then issues a sobering warning to everyone on the plane, who sit watching her in a daze. "You can sit on this plane and you can die with them or not. I'm not going to."

Of course, the internet has erupted into mockery and jokes, most of which center on the premise that the woman must have been suffering from an episode of mental illness. But others are convinced there's more to the story, and they're desperate to track the woman down.

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Some witnesses have reported that the woman was intoxicated at the time of her meltdown.

They claim that it was a flight attendant she accused of being 'not real.'

Intoxication is, of course, the first thing most of us would assume when hearing news of a video in which a woman has a plane meltdown because she seems to have seen some sort of apparition on the plane. We've all seen Kristen Wiig's infamous booze-fueled hallucination of a "colonial woman" on the wing of a plane in "Bridesmaids," after all.

And according to a woman who says she heard from someone who witnessed the incident, alcohol definitely played a role.

TikToker @shenia_rose says the passenger told her the woman in the video "was seen drinking before she got on board" and that after her AirPod fell out of her ear, she began accusing her seatmate of stealing them.


A flight attendant quickly intervened, trying to calm her down — and that's when "she starts flipping out and saying that the flight attendant is not real," Rose said.



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Things got so out of hand "they have to turn the whole plane around," Rose went on to say, and when the woman "starts yelling how everybody's going to die," they had to deplane everyone and do a sweep for bombs or other devices, which resulted in a delay of four hours. Rose also said she was told the woman still tried to get back on the plane after all of this drama, but was stopped by people in the terminal, surely much to her fellow passengers' relief.


Comedian Carrot Top also happened to be on the flight, which was scheduled to fly into Orlando, Florida. "This lady lost her marbles!!!" Carrot Top wrote on Facebook, congratulating American Airlines for how they handled the situation. "It's really maddening how 1 nut job can ruin everyone's plan," he wrote, noting that the flight eventually made it safely to its destination.

But others have theorized that the woman has some sort of psychic powers and actually genuinely saw something.

Not everyone believes what happened is so simple as @shenia_rose reports, however. TikToker and medium @kellythemagicalmedium posits that the woman might have psychic abilities and may well have seen "something in the back [of the plane] that nobody else can see."



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Kelly says she genuinely believes "she did see something," and theorizes that the alcohol the woman is known to have drank might have heightened her awareness. "When you drink, it is called spirits," she said, "therefore, when you drink, you are more susceptible to seeing apparitions of spirit" a phenomenon Kelly says she herself has experienced while drinking at events like weddings.

medium discussing video in which a woman has a plane meltdown over a passenger who is 'not real' Photo: @kellythemagicalmedium / TikTok

Kelly went on to say she believes that what the woman saw was "dark energy," so her fear is understandable. "I'd have to obviously speak to her to see exactly what she saw," Kelly says, but warns that "we live amongst these creatures every single I want to confirm, yes, she did see something and it was not of this world."


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Other passengers on the plane have come forward claiming the man the woman was referring to may have been a 'reptilian.'

Since the original video, many follow-up videos have been posted reportedly showing the man the woman was referring to. One video, in particular, shows a man in a green hoodie that viewers have accused of being a reptilian and "blinking sideways."



Another man has come forward with his own TikTok video recounting the situation, saying he was sitting a few rows behind the woman and the man in the hoodie.


"I noticed this exchange between this woman and this dude in a hoodie," he explained, saying that despite the woman having a "full-blown conversation" with the man in the hoodie, "he never said a word to her."



"Telepathic conversation," wrote one person in the comments regarding their alleged exchange. "She didn’t realize it until later. Hoodie guy knew the whole time."


People are waiting to hear the woman's point of view.

Given that the woman is likely in legal trouble over the incident, we're probably not likely to ever see or hear her side of things. Until then, keep an eye peeled for malevolent spirits on planes — and maybe lay off the booze, just in case.

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