Man Shows 'Ungrateful' Server Following Him Outside And Accusing Him Of Leaving A 'Broke Person Tip'

While some users sympathized with the waitress, others criticized her actions as rude and uncalled for, and some even questioned tipping culture.

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In the U.S., tipping restaurant servers is a common practice where customers leave extra money as a gratuity for their service. The amount of the tip usually ranges from 15-20% of the total bill, although some customers may tip more or less depending on their level of satisfaction with the service. 

Although tipping is certainly not a requirement, it is a kind gesture to thank your server for all of their hard work. However, some servers may take it as an insult if they are left what they consider a low tip, especially if they provided good service. 


One waitress did not hesitate to follow a group of customers after they did not give her the tip she was hoping for.

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The server followed a man outside and accused him of leaving her a ‘broke person tip.’ 

In a TikTok video that has nearly 4,000 views, a diner recorded a waitress following him out to the parking lot after she was dissatisfied with the gratuity he left behind. 



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The waitress does not hold back on her attitude toward her customers. “You left a broke a– f—king tip,” she says to the man behind the camera. It is unclear how much the total bill was, but the man allegedly left the waitress a $6 tip. 

“You’re ungrateful,” he tells her. The waitress appears surprised and insulted. 

“I’m ungrateful?!” she asks, approaching the man. “You’re cheap as f–k!” She then swipes her hand in front of the camera, attempting to knock it out of the man’s hands. 

“Waitress is so p–sed about the tip she got she followed the customer outside to ridicule him about why he’s broke," the video's caption reads. 


Most TikTok users dubbed the waitress’ actions as rude and uncalled for. “Tipping isn’t required,” one user pointed out. “Screw tipping culture,” another user wrote.

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However, other people sympathized with the waitress.

Servers often rely on tips as a significant part of their income, as their base salary may not be enough to cover their expenses. “I’m with homegirl on this,” one user commented on the waitress. “People who serve live off tips plus the little they get on hourly wages. So yeah I’m tipping 20%,” another user shared. 

Minimum wages of restaurant servers vary by state. However, the federal minimum wage for tipped workers is at least $2.13 an hour. Although some states have chosen to set a higher minimum wage for tipped workers. 


Unfortunately, other servers in different states may struggle to earn a living wage and rely on the minimum wage as a base salary. If they are able to, customers should leave at least a small tip for their servers, who already likely have a difficult job as it is. 

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