A Woman Called Out Her Date For Leaving Dinner Before The $130 Bill Came But He Claims His Meal Was Only $13

He attempted to defend himself for dining and dashing by claiming that she expected him to pay for the entire meal.

Alvi, Jess TikTok

While there has always been a debate on first-date etiquette and who should be responsible for paying the bill at the end of the night, most people can agree that just dining and dashing on a date is bad manners altogether.

For one woman, she was the recipient of a dine and dash after her date stood her up when it came time to pay the bill at the end of their meal. In a video, TikTok user Jess blasted her date, Alvi, only for him to try and flip the script on her.


She claimed her date walked out before the $130 bill was dropped at their table because he only ate $13 worth of food.

In Jess' initial video, which has since been deleted, she revealed that a guy she had been dining with at a restaurant had up and left when it came time to pay the bill, which was $130.

She decided to put him on blast, showing a screenshot of his dating profile that included a photo of him and his name, clearly trying to warn other women in case they found themselves on a date with him. However, Jess' video eventually attracted the attention of Alvi, the man she had been out with, and he attempted to defend himself against the backlash.


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While conducting street interviews with people, Alvi told them about the incident and asked for their opinions on whether or not he should be canceled for doing something like that. "I got canceled recently. I took a girl out on a date and I dipped before the bill came."

He admitted that he had "dined and dashed," and explained that he'd done so because his meal was only $13. "She ordered $70 worth of crab legs and like three drinks." Of course, just hearing this story without knowing Jess' side, many of the people Alvi was interviewing immediately sided with him.


"I think that's valid. If it's your first date and she's gonna run up the bill that's kind of screwed up," one girl said, while two other guys that Alvi had told the story to also agreed. "Shouldn't be canceled for that," one of them told Alvi. 

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He claimed that he eventually sent her the money for the bill after running out.

Alvi also admitted that after running out on the bill, he sent Jess money for the meal afterward. "She asked for $50 and I gave her $13 for my meal," he continued.

He claimed that after sending Jess the money, she asked him to send her $37 more, and when he refused, told him that she would be filing a police report if he didn't give her the rest of the money for the bill. He then accused Jess of being "crazy," while the other men he was interviewing called her a "gold-digger."


Just by hearing Alvi's side of the story, the comments were flooded with hate toward Jess, while the people being interviewed in the TikTok video claimed that she was the one in the wrong here.

Jess clarified how the events of the night transpired after receiving an influx of backlash.

Following Alvi's video, which went viral, Jess responded to all of the claims he made about her in his video, denying that anything he said about her in his video was true.

Jess explained that in her initial video about the date, she had originally planned on going out to eat by herself but Alvi had invited himself along. In a screenshot of texts with her and Alvi, Jess had told him that her friend was going out on a date and wanted her to come along to make sure she would be safe.



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Alvi then, true to Jess' word, invited himself along, claiming that he wouldn't mind tagging along with her to watch out for her friend on her date.

For why she ordered crab legs, Jess pointed out that she would've ordered that anyway especially since she was supposed to be going alone. "I'm totally equipped to pay for myself," she revealed, adding that crab legs are one of her favorite foods, and whenever she goes out, she will order them.

She even showed photos from her Instagram of her eating crab legs before and candidly said she can afford to eat them because she can afford to pay for them and never expected Alvi to pay for her and debunked others' claims that she was a "gold digger."


"The only point of my video was that walking out on your own bill is ridiculous, also illegal," Jess said. She also clarified that she never told Alvi that she was personally filing a police report, but only told him that if he didn't pay, the restaurant would.

"I was warning the dude that that's what [the restaurant] was going to do. I don't know if they did or not, I never filed a report," she continued. Jess also pointed out that Alvi only decided to pay her for the meal after he had started receiving backlash and criticism once she had made her initial video about him dining and dashing.

While Alvi attempted to flip the script on Jess' story, he seems to have been the one in the wrong, especially by attempting to dine and dash on a date, which is both disrespectful and dishonest.

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