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Woman Seeks Advice Because Husband Keeps Demanding DNA Tests After Each Of Their 3 Kids' Births

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Welcoming a child into the world with your partner should be a joyous occasion that brings families closer together. 

However, this is not always the case. One woman shared her concerns after her husband questioned her fidelity each time after the birth of their three children. 

She revealed her predicament in a since-deleted Reddit post to the subreddit r/relationship_advice. 

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The woman claims that her husband demands a DNA test each time she gives birth.

They currently have three children and he has asked for a paternity test each time.

“This upsets me every time he does this,” she wrote in her post. “After I give birth, he requests a paternity test to ensure that the babies are his, of course, all the tests come out to him being the father.” 

The woman shared that her husband is the only man she has ever been with and that they have been married for 11 years. 

She added that they are done having children, and she gave birth to their third and final child last month. 

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Her husband claims that he wants paternity tests done on their children as a “precaution.” 

“He knows I would never cheat on him, he says he does this as a precaution and that every man should do this,” she wrote. 

The woman’s husband tells her that he “wouldn’t be able to sleep at night” had he not had physical proof their children were biologically his. 

The woman believes that her husband’s insistence on DNA testing their children is rooted in the trauma one of his friends experienced raising a child that wasn’t biologically his. 

“His biggest fear is raising someone else’s kid, this fear comes from a personal experience that happened to a very close family friend of his,” she shared. 

“His family friend raised a child for his whole life not knowing he wasn’t the father until that child took an ancestry test when he was in his 20s.” 

She has tried to empathize with her husband and his concerns, but she is struggling. 

“I understand his concerns although this is just insulting and embarrassing every time he does this and it hurts my feelings,” she wrote. 

“I know I should just let this go but it does bother me.” 

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Other Redditors pointed out a problem with the woman’s husband’s behavior. 

“His greatest fear is raising another man’s child. Perhaps his fear should be another man raising his child because he sounds unbearable,” one user commented. 

“Why do you keep having children with a man that obviously doesn’t trust you? I feel like he is probably projecting his own infidelity,” another user pointed out. 

“‘He knows I would never cheat on him’... apparently not because that’s the only reason he would need a paternity test,” another user added. 

In a follow-up post that was also deleted, the woman revealed that she had undergone “a change of perspective” toward her husband’s feelings. 

“If I was a man, I would also make sure the child is mine. I don’t want to raise any children that aren’t biologically mine either,” she wrote. 

“My husband and I are faithful to each other. We know each other at the end of the day, we have been married for 11 years.” 

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