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Identical Twin Brothers Both Ordered To Pay Child Support For 9-Year-Old Girl After Lying About Paternity

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Identical twin brothers have been forced to pay child support for a 9-year-old girl due to a bizarre twist and their lack of honesty.

The brothers, who live in Cachoeira Alta, a small rural town in Brazil, were ordered by a judge in April 2019 to pay 30% of Brazil’s monthly minimum salary, which is around $70, and share the mother’s medical, dental, clothing, and school costs.

The identical twins were both order to pay child support after they failed to identify which one was the girl's father.

The mother of the young girl, 25, who chose to remain anonymous, said that she had met one of the brothers at a party held by a mutual friend.

"He told me he had a twin brother, but I wasn’t introduced. At the time I didn’t suspect anything,” the mother said, according to the court statement, via the Guardian.

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In a statement penned by the Goiás justice tribunal, the brothers have a history of impersonating each other to date as many women as possible.

"Since adolescence, the pair used their identical appearance to hide betrayals and win over more women,” the statement read.

The mother admitted that when she'd met one of the brothers, she didn't "suspect anything" nefarious was going on.

She added that she had been in a brief relationship with one of them, who she referred to by pseudonyms Fernando and Fabrício in court documents.

"The strange thing about the day is that he presented himself as Fernando, but he was with the yellow motorcycle that he said was Fabrício's," the mother pointed out.

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When the mother discovered she was pregnant in 2017, she demanded the man she had a relationship with take a DNA test.

When the DNA test came back positive, the man said that his identical twin was the father, not him.

However, since the brothers are identical, when the other man took the test it came out 99.9% positive since identical twins come from the same fertilized egg and therefore share the same DNA.

Even though there is a more detailed "twin test" that could help identify which of the brothers is the young girl's biological father, it is too expensive and not always conclusive.

“It’s a very sad attitude, there was no need for this. They know the truth but took advantage of the similarity to escape responsibility,” the mother said.

Despite a judge ruling that both men are required to pay for child support and the mother's needs, she is unhappy with the result and plans to appeal.

“We believe the child has the right to know who the biological father is,” Evandro Paganini, a lawyer for the mother, said.

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