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Woman Says Her Mom-In-Law Convinced Husband That She Cheated On Him – Now She Wants To Be Back In Their Lives

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A 21-year-old woman took to Reddit to share the story of the time her marriage with her husband went through some troubled waters — after the birth of their child.

Their daughter had darker skin than normal and didn’t look like a child with two completely white parents, causing her mother-in-law to convince everyone she cheated on her 29-year-old husband.

Now, she wants to try and reconnect with her granddaughter without apologizing for harassing her.

For months after the birth of their daughter, the woman’s mother-in-law refused to believe that her daughter-in-law hadn’t cheated.

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“She didn't have an appearance of having both of her parents being white,” she wrote, “she had darker skin, brown eyes and came out with thick dark curly hair. My husband and I both have light-colored hair and light-colored eyes and white skin.”

After the baby was delivered, the mother-in-law convinced her son to leave his wife at the hospital and ignored her texts for weeks, forcing her to leave their home once she left the hospital.

“I had to stay at my [sister's] house for a month,” she wrote before she was able to convince her husband to get a DNA test.

After the DNA test came back positive and he was confirmed to be the father, her problems with her husband stopped, but the mother-in-law still wasn’t convinced.

“Even after the DNA test my MiL kept going on about how I cheated and called my daughter racial slurs and me every name in the book,” she continued, “she [spread] awful rumors about me and claim the DNA is fraudulent and said she'd never treat that child as her granddaughter.”

She even revealed that after her husband treated her badly too she felt a little distant from him, seeing him differently than before.

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But the problem arises when the mother-in-law recently asked to see “her granddaughter,” which is something she has never referred to her as before.

“I don't know what changed her but it made me feel uncomfortable so I refused,” she said. “My husband was angry at me that I did and thinks it gives a moment to help his mother bond with our daughter and even said it's a child's right to get to know their grandparents.”

She, however, stood her ground and instead of backing down decided to get the help of the internet philosophers on the subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA) by posting her story.

The whole purpose of AITA is for people to post their stories and then receive a rating from complete strangers with absolutely no certifications except life experience, and they’ll tell you whether you were in the right or in the wrong along with their opinion.

Everyone said that she was “Not the A--hole” (NTA), and even told her to rethink her marriage because of the way they all treated her.

“Your husband dated a barely legal teen, then after having his child he kicked you out and would not respond to you and allowed his mother to treat you like this,” wrote one of the top comments.

When they started dating, she would have been 18 and he would have been 26 — something that probably should have been given much more thought before getting three years into the relationship.

“I wouldn’t just refuse the mother-in-law access, I would leave the husband as well,” said someone else before saying that she deserved much better.

If she’s committed to sticking with her husband the way it seems like she is, then she likely won’t listen to that advice.

She will, however, feel justified in refusing her mother-in-law’s request to see her granddaughter.

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