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17-Year-Old Accused Of Shooting Ex-Girlfriend 22 Times After She Found Out He Was Cheating On Her

Photo: GoFundMe & Houston Police Department
17-year-old shoots ex-girlfriend 22 times

Frank DeLeon, a 17-year-old teen in Houston, has been accused of shooting his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend, Diamond Alvarez, 22 times while she was walking her dog. 

DeLeon was taken into custody on Monday, January 17 following the fatal January 11 shooting.

DeLeon had been arrested by the Houston police but was released soon after paying a $250,000 bond.

Frank DeLeon allegedly killed Diamond Alvarez after getting caught cheating.

The pair were in a "love triangle" involving another girl, according to investigators. They believe that Alvarez had recently found out about the infidelity and, in fear that she would tell the other girlfriend, DeLeon shot her.  

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Frank DeLeon arranged to meet Diamond Alvarez before the shooting.

Alvarez’s sister said that on the night it happened, Alvarez was going to meet up in the park with DeLeon to confront him about the other girl. Her sister warned Alvarez about not going, however, Alvarez still went ahead.

After a while, Alvarez’s family heard a few gunshots. The family tried to contact Alvarez through the phone but they couldn't, so they left the house to search for her. 

Soon, they found Alvarez’s body and tried to save her by performing CPR but it didn’t work. 

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Alvarez’s sister later mentioned that prior to the shooting, DeLeon had been constantly texting Alvarez begging her to keep their relationship a secret from the other girl, “Don’t ruin this for me”.

Alvarez’s mother “never saw any red flags” in their relationship. 

Alvarez’s mother spoke on their relationship. She mentioned that Alvarez and DeLeon had been seeing each other "off and on," for almost a year. 

This entire incident may have come as a shock to her as she mentioned that she hadn't been concerned about their relationship. Due to that, she never felt the need to warn her daughter about watching out for something like this.

She also mentioned that, “It wasn’t love. It wasn’t a breakup. He was angry at my daughter.” 

The police found a bag with DeLeon that included his clothes and personal items.

When DeLeon was arrested, a bag was found in his possession that may have been an indication that he was planning to flee.

During the court hearing, he declined his charges and claimed that he was going to the convenience store on the night of the incident. It had been discovered that DeLeon owned a gun however, he claims he doesn’t have it anymore. 

It had also been revealed that DeLeon had pulled the gun on his other girlfriend. According to the girlfriend, she had already known about Alvarez.

She had shared text messages with her earlier that day and had notified of it to DeLeon by sending him screenshots of the messages.

After paying the bond, DeLeon was released on bail. There were certain conditions he had to follow to keep his bail which included being on house arrest and not having any contact with the people related to this case.

This isn’t the end of it as the case is still ongoing and he is scheduled to have another court hearing soon.

Diamond Alvarez’s mother set up a GoFundMe to honor her daughter.

The heartbroken mother refuses to give up and hopes to get her daughter the justice she deserves. “I have to be strong right now. I can’t break, this is not over.”

In addition, Alvarez’s family members have created a GoFundMe fundraiser page for her funeral costs. The page has already exceeded the $10,000 goal and continues to get more donations from people.

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