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Man Wonders If He’s Wrong For Causing Mom To Lose Custody Of His Siblings Who She Left Home Alone For 3 Days

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A man has posted to the subreddit 'AITA,' (Am I The A**Hole), wondering if he is in the wrong after making his mother lose custody of his siblings.

In his post, the man explained that his mother had gotten married in 2018 to a man she had been cheating on his dad with for years. The recent marriage had already put a dent in the man's relationship with his mother, and he ended up moving out after his stepdad had moved in.

Now, the effects of this toxic marriage have pushed him to take steps to remove his siblings from his mom's custody.

The man explains that, after years of trouble, his mom's new marriage has had an impact on the family. He recounts the sequence of events leading to this point.

After he moved in, his stepdad thought that he "suddenly owned everything in the house," including the man's work computer, and his PlayStation 4. A few months after he moved out, his brother, 18, called in the middle of the night because their stepdad had thrown him out for "stealing money," and catching him in possession of hard drugs, all of which the man explains were and still are lies.

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"I already had minimal contact with my mother by that point, and the day my brother moved in with me I was met with a barrage of texts and calls of my stepdad that I had to bring my brother back with the money or else he'd come get him," the man wrote, adding, "I told him to shove it and try me."

His mother and stepdad eventually got a divorce after his mother found out that he had stolen the money and not her son.

The man explains that his stepdad was also an alcoholic and drug addict, and admitted to planting drugs in his brother's room.

"After the divorce and getting a restraining order he started harassing [neighbors], showed up in the garden in the middle of the night to look inside through windows, showed up at my sister's (12 at the time) school."

He also discovered that his stepdad had been blacklisted from every bank in the country from starting loans because of the massive debt he was in. Following the divorce, the relationship between the man and his mother started getting a bit better.

However, things immediately took a turn after the man's younger brother told them that their mother hadn't been home for 3 days.

This led to the man's 18-year-old brother calling their mother, and after some time, she revealed that she was back with their ex-stepdad. 

"After subduing my rage I ask my 16yo brother and younger sister (now 14) if they still want to live there, they both say no, and I tell my father."

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After alerting his father, the man's mother was served legal documents that say their biological father is trying to get full custody of their children because of the mother's actions, and according to her own lawyer, there's a chance she'll lose custody.

"She calls me in a panic, and I tell her it's her own fault. She starts crying and screaming that I should be happy that she finally found true love, I ask her if it's worth it to lose all of her children over this, and she responds with insults towards me, my brothers, my now-fiancee."

He tells her to never contact him again, and hangs up, adding that he hasn't heard from her since but according to other people, his mother is heartbroken that she's about to lose her children.

She's also putting the blame on them, telling people that her own children don't want her to be happy, and are always on "their dad's side."

Most people under the Reddit post were in agreement that the man is NTA (Not The A**Hole).

"She made her own bad choices and stands by them as her children are stripped away. You are advocating for your minor siblings, and the courts are making the choice that is healthiest and safest for them," one user commented.

Another user commented, "Your mother is making a purposeful decision to put a man in charge of her children who has traumatized them emotionally for years. He has lied and framed your brother for crimes he did himself, and your mother is unlikely to have shown regret for allowing this to happen."

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