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Woman Asks If She’s Wrong To Refuse To Bring Ex’s Child From Affair On Her Son’s Trip To Disney

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Mom and son, Disney World

A mother took to Reddit after her ex-husband tried to ruin the trip she had been planning for their son by trying to include himself and his other son.

She believes that she was in the right for the choice that she had made and for refusing to take her ex’s child, but her friends’ reactions to the argument made her think otherwise.

Now, she doesn’t know if she’s wrong for refusing to take her ex’s child to Disney with her and her son.

When your friends and family fail you, you can always rely on strangers perusing Reddit to give you their hottest takes and offer up their completely unbiased opinions on your problems.

The famous subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA) is a place where people can rant about their problems and strangers will say whether “You’re the a--hole” (YTA) or not (NTA.)

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“Alright, so I have a son (13M) with my ex-husband. We got divorced because he was having an emotional affair which turned physical, and had a kid with the AP, and is a single dad atm as the AP left,” she starts her story — AP meaning “affair partner.”

There are two children involved, the woman’s 13-year-old son, and his half-brother and ex’s child born from the affair whose name and age are not specified.

The two are friends as her son goes to his father’s house on the weekends per custody agreements and he sometimes goes over to her’s, but that’s as far as it goes.

“The problem now is that I’m planning on taking me and my son to Disney as I’ve been saving it up for him as I believe he should go there at least once in his life to experience it, as well as him having good grades for the whole semester,” she continues.

After her son tells his half-brother and her ex-husband subsequently finds out, he calls her to ask what day she’s planning to leave and if she or he was going to drive, assuming that both he and his son were invited to the amusement park.

After a brief moment of confusion, she realized what he thought was happening and quickly shut it down. She told him the trip is only for her and her son.

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“He started to get mad and accused me of favoring my son over his half-sibling and trying to be petty for his past actions, and such, and told me I should at least offered for his son to go too,” she wrote.

“I told him no, as I wasn’t gonna pay for another plane ticket and other supplies, and that if his son wanted to go, he needed to pay for himself, I [hung] up before he could say anything else.”

As a result, her ex was “disappointed” in her decision and asked her son to convince her otherwise. Her friends said she was “selfish and petty,” and cause her to reconsider the whole event.

The Redditors, however, don’t care what her ex-husband or friends have to say about her.

In fact, they believe that the husband is delusional and the fact that she even allows his child into her home is proof of just how kind and patient, and forgiving she really is.

That child is not her own, and as such, she owes him absolutely nothing except decency as a human being.

She also owes her ex-husband even less than that, considering he was the one who betrayed their marriage to be with another woman.

Some people also pointed out that her friends were awful, and likely were “taking advantage” of her kindness and want her to think that kind of behavior is normal.

Fortunately, she’s stated that she isn’t blaming the child for their separation or the fact that he cheated, but she holds it against her ex, as she should.

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