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Woman Wonders If She's Wrong For Threatening To Ban Husband From Delivery Room If He Invites His Mother

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A woman is putting her foot down after threatening to ban her husband from the delivery room while she's giving birth if he invites his mother.

Posting to the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A**hole), the woman, 34, explained that she is currently six-months pregnant with her and her husband's second child. 

The woman and her mother-in-law don't have the best relationship due to the fact that her mother-in-law doesn't approve of her or her background. When she was having her first child, the woman's husband asked if she'd consider having his mother in the room while she gave birth.

She refused and instead had her own mother in the room with her husband for support, and preferred it that way. 

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Now that she is pregnant again, the woman and her husband are discussing she wants in the delivery room this time around, to which the woman said she is fine with the arrangement they had the first time.

However, she and her husband have been arguing about having his mother in the delivery room. 

The woman's husband isn't happy with that decision and the woman "could hear him mumbling something under his breath," about the fact that she didn't want his mother in the room.

"I asked if he had a problem with the arrangement. He actually spoke and claimed he did. He stated it was massively unfair that I would allow my mother in the delivery room but not his," the woman wrote in her Reddit post.

He told her that since got to choose who was in the delivery room the last time, he should have the option to choose this time. The woman replied that he was acting unreasonable and that she wouldn't let his mother see her in extreme pain.

She explained that it would be an incredibly uncomfortable situation for her while she would be giving birth. The woman's husband became upset with her decision and left the house abruptly.

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"I’ve been trying his friends to see if they have seen him recently but without any luck."

The woman ended up contacting her mother-in-law directly, but she didn't know that her son wanted her in the delivery room in the first place and told the woman that she hadn't heard from him in a while. 

"I'm honestly kind of freaking out both from stress and guilt. I'm worried that my husband isn’t okay but I also can’t help but to feel guilty that I drove him away. I don’t know if I should stay with my current decision anymore," the woman concluded.

Most of the people who commented under the woman's post were in agreement that she NTA (Not The A**hole) in the situation.

"Of course you want your mom there (I think most women do if they have a nice relationship) for support. I'm older than you, but there have been the occasional day that frankly, I just want my mommy, damn it," one user commented.

Another user commented, "As a married man with 3 kids: NTA. The woman giving birth gets to decide who is in their delivery room, full stop."

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