A Woman Films A 'Good Man' Making His Own Flower Bouquet At Trader Joe's — And His Girlfriend Responds

He's the prime example of people doing sweet things just because.

Man holding bouquet of flowers Theerachie; Olivia.lucia8 / TikTok

People have another reason to love Trader Joe’s after a heartwarming video of a man at the store went viral on TikTok. The footage depicts the man crafting a thoughtful gift for his girlfriend, which has many people hailing him as “a keeper” — and his girlfriend definitely agrees! 

The man organized a customized bouquet of flowers to gift his girlfriend.

It's no secret that many women (myself included) love getting surprised with a bouquet of flowers from their significant other. In fact, research conducted by Flora2000 discovered that 96% women enjoy receiving a flower bouquet when they were not anticipating it. 


Gifting your partner flowers shows them that you are thinking about them even if they are not physically present with you during the day, and makes them feel especially loved

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That's why one day, as a Trader Joe’s customer (@theerachie) noticed a fellow shopper exit the store with three bouquets of flowers, she curiously watched on, wondering who the lucky recipient was. As he sat down at a table outside the store, the man began arranging the three bouquets into one. 

The customer watching his handy work assumed that the man was making the flowers for his girlfriend. She took it upon herself to publicly praise the man for his efforts. The customer also penned a message to the man’s girlfriend, unaware of who she is. “Girl, this is your King! Whoever you are, keep him!” 




It is worth noting that it was also raining outside, and the man was getting soaked. But that did not stop him from taking his time to carefully and thoughtfully prepare the arrangement. 

“He is wet... but he loves to see you smile, whoever you are!” the customer added in a follow-up video, where the man is filmed putting a rain jacket on as he placed the flower bouquet into a shopping bag. 

“He is doing what needs to be done to make sure that these flowers make it in one beautiful piece.” 




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Many were deeply moved by the man’s generous actions and dedication, dubbing him ‘flower boy.’ Others encouraged the man’s girlfriend to reveal herself should she see the adorable videos of her man. 

Thankfully, she did and took the time to respond with her own video to prove it! 


Olivia Lucia revealed herself as the lucky flower boy’s girlfriend and doted on his sweetness. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 130,000 times, Lucia thanked the fellow Trader Joe’s customer for capturing her boyfriend Drew's kind actions, and included a photo of him presenting the homemade bouquet to her. 

“They were not apology flowers, he just does this for me at least once a month because he’s so sweet!” Lucia gushed. 



She also showed off her bouquet, which is now sitting in a white vase on her desk so that she can “look at them every day” and be reminded of Drew’s love for her. 


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Flowers are a great way to demonstrate your admiration and compassion for your partner, and it is likely not just the flowers they'll appreciate. It is the simple act of kindness assuring them of their partner's feelings toward them that have a more profound impact then we may realize. 

"People tend to think that that what they are giving is kind of little, maybe it's relatively inconsequential," Dr. Amit Kumar, an assistant professor of marketing and psychology at the University of Austin, Texas told The New York Times. "But recipients are less likely to think along those lines. They consider the gesture to be significantly more meaningful because they are also thinking about the fact that someone did something nice for them." 


It's time for many of us to adjust our mindsets when it comes to random acts of kindness. Even if we may think that we are barely making a dent in someone's day, just by being kind, we could be the reminder that someone notices and cares. 

Kind gestures do not even require a lot of money or time, but they go much further than we think and only strengthen our relationships. We hope that everyone is as lucky as Lucia to find their very own Drew! 

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