After Buying A Grocery Store Worker Flowers, A Kind Man Tells Everyone 'Everything In The Store' Is Free

He believes that we should be spreading more kindness in the world.


Zachery Dereniowski’s page on TikTok is full of heartwarming videos with millions of views. Under the account name @mdmotivator, Dereniowski is devoted to “spreading kindness” and makes videos showing off what spreading that kindness looks like.

In his most recent video, posted on March 23, 2023, he went to a grocery store and decided to spread his kindness there by buying the first worker he saw flowers. What he did next would change the lives of everyone in the store.


He told everyone that ‘everything in the store’ is free.

Initially, he approached the first worker that he saw and claimed that he had a question for her. “Hi, how are you doing?” she asked kindly and then joked that she wouldn’t be accepting any questions. “Nope, no questions.” After laughing and telling him that she was just teasing, Dereniowski gets into why he’s really there.

“How much are these flowers?” He asks, prompting her to check the price and reply, but he doesn’t really care about the actual price. “Guess what? They’re free.”

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“Why?” the worker asks, confused. “I bought them for you,” he said. She becomes even more confused, asking him why he would buy her flowers, to which he replies, “Why not?”

Continuing to press him for an answer, he says “We need more kindness in this world.” She thanks him, and you would think that the video ends here, but Dereniowski then explains the bigger picture — he wants to buy anything for everyone in the store.

“Do you want to make your day better?” he asks, prompting a yes from Darlene, the worker he’d been talking to this whole time. “Do you have a PA system here? Do you want to go on the speaker and tell everyone that everything is free?”


She says she can’t because then the store wouldn’t make any money, Dereniowski came prepared, pulling out a large stack of money and saying “I want to buy everyone’s things in here today for free.”

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“Everything in the store for the next 5-10 minutes is absolutely free.”

After Dereniowski announces that on the PA system, he goes around talking to the people he’s helping, and viewers get to see how grateful they are for his act of kindness.

“Everything’s free!” he says to a lady that’s already in line, who says “Yeah I just heard you! I feel so great!”


“What’s your name?” Dereniowski asks a little girl holding a toy. “Layla!” she responds. “And my mommy’s name is Ellie.” “Get whatever toys you want today,” Dereniowski says to Ellie, who thanks him.

“Is this your baby?” Dereniowski asks a mom walking her baby down the aisle, who says “yes.” After handing her a 20-dollar bill, she asks, “what is this for?” Once he tells her that everything in the store today is free, he hands her a second 20. “How old is your baby?” A third 20.

Once she tells him that her baby is 6 months old, he hands her three more 20s, one for each month that her baby has been alive.


Another woman in line explains that tomorrow is her sister’s birthday, and thanks to him, it seems like she’s able to buy presents for her — including a balloon. “I’m really happy [about] that. Thank you, thank you,” she says.

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