12 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Loved, Happy And Appreciated (Today!)

You should be doing these things for her every single day.

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Every husband should do sweet things for his wife.

These gestures shouldn't be limited to dating or a honeymoon. Showing her how you feel about her and how much she means to you should be consistent throughout your journey together.

It is actually even more important to do simple things for your wife to make her feel happy, special, loved, and appreciated once you are married.

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A marriage can sometimes get vulnerable and unstable when couples stop putting an effort to keep the romance alive, so it really helps a lot when you put that extra effort into your relationship.

Here are twelve important things that every man should do for his wife to make her feel happy, appreciated, loved and special.

1. Tell her how much you love her.

Make her feel loved by telling her how much you love her. Be sweet and loving when talking to her. Every day, do simple things that will make her feel happy and special.

For example, try different ways to say good morning to her. Serve her breakfast in bed. Send her a love message on a random day with no particular reason, just because you miss her and for how amazing she is.


2. Compliment her.

Make sure that you say sweet and romantic things to your wife. Did she get a new haircut? Let her know how amazing she looks, even if you don’t really like her haircut. Did she buy a new outfit? Tell her she looks amazing.

Compliment her in every small thing she does. This will let her know that you notice the small things and changes in her appearance because you pay close attention. When she does something and she isn’t proud of the outcome, praise her for trying and for doing her best. It will boost her confidence.

Chores are not solely for the wife to do. She isn’t a housemaid or a housekeeper, so she shouldn’t be the only one doing them. Help her clean, do the dishes, wash the laundry, walk the dog, etc. Help her with the house tasks.

Whenever you can, cook for her. Tidy up the room; don’t leave all tasks to her. Make her feel that both of you have a fair share of housework, regardless of who is working for the family.


3. Take her out on dates.

Being married does not mean you should stop going on dates. As a married couple, you should continue to go on dates and spend some alone time together.

Your time may not be as flexible as before because of your job and other responsibilities, but try to at least schedule a date to take her out every once a week or more. This will make her feel special, just like it did at the beginning of your relationship.

You can even go back to the places you both used to go and reminisce about your moments together in those places. This will help strengthen your bond and marriage.

4. Let her know she's beautiful.

Say it to her while looking into her eyes. Say it sincerely and lovingly, as if you have never seen anyone else as beautiful as her. Especially in old age, letting her know she has remained beautiful throughout the years will make her feel confident and beautiful inside and out.


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5. Take care of her.

When she is sick, look after her and even cook for her. Always stay by her side when she needs it. Spend quality time with her and always make the effort every day to show that you love and care for her.

When she has problems at work, talk to her and try to ease her stress and worries. Be there with open arms, give her a hug, and kiss her. There are certain things that never get old, despite the years. Your love is one of them.

6. Surprise her with gifts.

It does not have to be expensive or extravagant as long as it made you think of her. Give the gifts that will make her happy. No special occasion is needed.


Give her gifts randomly sometimes, just because you want to and she deserves to be pampered. Give her gifts that she can treasure for the rest of her life.

Through the gifts you give, no matter how simple they are, they will always remind her of you wherever you may be.

Ways to make your wife happy, loves, and appreciated

7. Give her a sense of security.

Assure her that everything is going to be alright. Protect her and support her from the people who try to bring her down. Let her know that you are always there for her, every step of the way. Her fights are your fights, and you will always be on her side.


Give her emotional security by establishing the fact that she is the only one for you, and that your love for her is stronger than anything else. Send her messages that you miss her to let her know that she is always on your mind.

Never ever cheat and break her trust. Fulfill everything that you have promised to her when you read your vows on your wedding day. Love her and only her, if you are in a monogamous relationship.

Be honest and open to each other. Tell her your worries and insecurities. In that, she will also trust you with her worries and insecurities. Trust is the foundation of every relationship and once it’s broken, it is really hard to bounce back from that.

8. Encourage her to do what she loves.

Let her know and feel that your marriage will never be an obstacle in the path of her hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. Instead, let her know that the marriage and you are the support systems she can count on in fulfilling her dreams.


Do not dictate what she wants in life. If it’s something you disagree with, talk to her. Explain to her your point of view, and when she explains hers, make sure to listen and understand her point.

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9. Communicate with her.

Communication is key, especially when married couples are very busy with their respective jobs. Always communicate your worries, your feelings, and your thoughts to your wife. Even though you are always together every day, it doesn’t do much if you don’t communicate well.

Be open about what you think. Don’t expect your wife to know everything without you telling her. You are a married couple, not a mind-reading duo.


Many marriages fall apart because of certain expectations, such as your spouse should have the power to mind-read and should automatically understand the other.

10. Make her your priority.

Now that you are married, everything that you do is towards the end goal of prioritizing her. You work because her good future is your priority. You married her because she is your priority. You spend time with her because she is your priority.

All these things are mainly because you have acknowledged that she is now the priority of your life. It is your priority to make her happy, loved, and valued, and she should be able to feel it.

Don’t hurt her in any way. Verbally, physically, or emotionally, don’t ever dare hurt her. Give her the best treatment she deserves, because she is one amazing woman you married.


Respect her. Learn to listen to her and treat her words, thoughts, and feelings seriously, and with respect. At the end of the day, when everything else fails, the only thing you should always remember is to treat her right.

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11. Make decisions with her.

You are a team, so the decision-making should be shared by both of you. You should not hide anything from her, or keep her out of the loop.


She is already apart of all aspects of your life. Value and respect her opinions. Listen to her thoughts and view her opinions in equal importance as yours.

12. Respect her family.

Treat the important people in her life with respect. The people she considers important in her life are also important in your life, too. Treat them well and respect them as if they are your own blood. In this way, you can show how much your wife means to you.

You can also win the trust and love of her family by putting them at ease that she is indeed in the right, caring, and loving hands. Some people actually find it difficult to get along with the family of their partners, but once you take the first step in proving yourself worthy, you are going to be treated like family in no time.

Marriage requires a lot of effort if you want to make it last.


It’s not always that love and romance will always be in the marriage, but commitment will always be the lasting factor. Show your commitment to your wife by doing the things included in the list.

In the end, what’s important is to know what works well and best for your wife, and you both.

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