Bride Devastated After Fiancé Reveals The Real Reason He Proposed To Her

She should think twice before marrying this guy.

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A woman went online to Mumsnet, a popular forum for adults in the UK, and posted the story of how her engagement to her long-time partner ended up flipping their relationship upside down.

Right when she was in the middle of planning her wedding, the bride-to-be was left devastated by her fiancé after he revealed why he had really proposed.

The fiancé claimed he never really wanted to propose to her.

She started off her story by providing the context to her situation and the lead-up that led to her fiancé’s cruel and nasty remarks.


"[My fiancé] and I got engaged last summer after being together for seven years. Booked a wedding venue in autumn for autumn 2022,” she started her story, posted via Newsweek. “We had different ideas about the wedding, he wanted something bigger and I wanted something smaller and we compromised on something in between."

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She added that she was going through different stages of excitement — excited for a grand wedding but most of all looking forward to being married because that’s what was really important for her.


However, as the big day loomed, the bride started to become concerned about some family issues that could impact their wedding.

While discussing this with her partner, she also noticed something else troubling.

"He didn't seem very excited about the wedding either, and he agreed," she wrote. "I asked him what he would change if we didn't have any deposits paid and he said he would cancel what we had booked and just have a long engagement and not think about a wedding until we both had a special day planned.”

The wife said that she would do the complete opposite.

The only thing that really mattered to her was being married and starting their “married life,” and so she suggested that they should just go to the registry office and get eloped, but the fiancé started to act differently.


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"He suddenly started being really cold and nasty,” she said, “and told me he only proposed to shut me up because I kept nagging him, he's sick of trying to make me happy and I have an empty, bottomless void inside me that means I'll always be miserable. He was so unpleasant."

After the argument ended, she claims that he admitted to acting cruel and only saying the things he said “to be mean” after he felt like she intentionally approached the conversation with the plan to "railroad" him into a wedding without his family.

"He didn't apologize once for being deliberately cruel, even after he admitted it. Even when I asked him to," she said, finishing her story and asking the people of Mumsnet for advice.


Many people were supportive of her and took her feelings into consideration and tried to find some sort of workaround.

"Put it on hold while you evaluate. You haven't booked anywhere yet surely?" suggested one user. "Needs another chat though, this needs [to be] ironed out."

"If I were you, I would stop planning for a couple of months and see if after two months you are still keen to get married,” another user wrote. “At the end of the day, it's not unusual for couples who have been together for a good number of years to split up the year after they marry."

Others were blunt about their opinions, suggesting that the woman drop her fiancé for his behavior.


“Don't waste another seven years of your life on this man. Don't even waste another seven days. Break it off and get him to move out," wrote one user.

Hopefully, the people of Mumsnet were able to get through to her and offer some insightful advice that she will take into her conversations with her fiancé.

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