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Man Says Wife Didn’t React ‘The Right Way’ To His Cheating Prank So He’s Questioning Their Marriage

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There's no right or wrong way to react to learning that your husband is cheating on you. Some people cry, some get angry, some shut down entirely.

It's not even something most married people want to think about but, one woman's husband clearly had a vision in mind for how his wife would react if he was unfaithful and now he's mad he didn't get the reaction he hoped for.

Yes, you read that correctly. His wife has opened up to Reddit's r/TrueOffMyChest, revealing what exactly went down with her husband and how it is causing her to rethink her marriage.

Her husband is mad that she didn't react the 'right way' to his cheating prank.

In her post, the woman says things came to a head about a month ago. They were having Sunday breakfast, and her husband, 33, left to go to the gym but left his iPad on the counter.

She believes he went out of his way to leave it there to draw her attention to it, leaving it in places where she would always notice it. 

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As the woman, 35, was doing dishes she noticed a text appear on the iPad from a contact named Eve. It was a  picture of a naked female torso with a text saying, "you miss this?"

She froze in her tracks — she and her husband have been married for two years and have two children together. 

Against her better judgment, she looked through his iPad and saw they had been conversing for a week, and she realized she was being cheated on.

"I can’t describe the amount of pain I felt and I ran to the bathroom vomiting and crying," she writes.

When her husband came home, she confronted him about the affair.

"I just handed him the iPad and told him that he has gotten a text from Eve," she says in her post, adding that she immediately left on a three-hour walk while her husband repeatedly tried to contact her.

"When I got home, I told him that I knew about his affair and asked him how we're going to do this," she says, adding that her husband seemed bewildered.

"I told him that we obviously can't stay married but that I needed to know how we're going to do this with the least damage possible to the children."

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Shockingly, her husband seemed furious at her response.

"Is that really all your reaction?" he asked her. He then yelled at his wife saying she was careless and cold and her reaction to his infidelity wasn't the reaction he had expected. He then shoved the iPad into her hands, demanding she calls "Eve."

She called the number, but there was no one named Eve on the other line.

"The number belonged to his friend and he was laughing on the other line saying it was all a prank," she writes.

"My husband was livid at the way I handled the prank. He was disappointed that I didn't care enough. I don't know what he wanted me to do. He couldn't explain [how] he expected me to act. He just yelled that he didn't expect this," she said.

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A month has passed, and her husband is still cold towards her; she has tried to apologize, saying her emotions came from shock, not indifference. He believes she's being cold and apathetic, and her reaction was abnormal, but she says the whole situation is abnormal.

She doesn't want to get a divorce over something like this, but comments instead are saying the opposite.

Everyone who has shown support says her husband is a cruel individual.

Many have come to show support to the woman for what her husband did, calling him manipulative for wanting to incite a reaction from her, but many are wondering, why did his friend agree to this? Why would his friend find this hilarious?

Some are getting the feeling he is cheating and decided to "test the waters" and see how she'd react if she did find out. They think because he became defensive and aggressive in this, there is no other logical reason to respond the way he did unless he's sadistic.

Many comments suggest the woman kick him out of the house and are asking why she wants to continue their marriage after something like this. Many urge the original poster to leave him now before it gets worse and he does something like this again.

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