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Woman Cancels 'Dream Wedding' After Finding Folder On Fiance's Computer

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A bride-to-be revealed the reason why she canceled her "dream" wedding after finding a disturbing folder on her fiancé's computer.

There is nothing worse than finding out that the person you are set to marry is actually not the kind of person you thought they were, which is exactly what happened to one woman in particular.

The bride found a folder of photos of her siblings on her groom's computer.

Just months before her wedding, Maria, 25, detailed what she had found on her now-ex-fiancé's work computer in a now-deleted TikTok video posted to her account, according to the New York Post.

”Imagine being engaged, 3 months away from your dream wedding, invitations are sent, and on a random Thursday finding out your fiancé has been hiding a p-n folder which included photos of your sisters and his co-workers," she wrote.

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The clip immediately went viral before being taken down, and Maria expanded on how exactly she'd found the disturbing p-n folder on his computer, writing the details in the comments section of the video.

Maria explained that she had been using her fiancé's computer because hers hadn't been working at the time.

"He was helping me apply for a job because my computer wasn’t working. He downloaded my resume to his work computer and went to his folder files to look where the files were downloaded."

After Maria's fiancé clicked on the folders, what she saw next seemingly blew her mind. "When he clicked on the folder file I saw photos of my sisters and others."

"He said he would stare at the photos of my sisters and others. He said he would stare at the photos during work and picture them naked because he was 'bored' and it was a thrill for him to do so during work.”

She also alleged that he had cyber-stalked her siblings on social media, "cropped [their photos] from Instagram, etc, and used them for p-n purposes."

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The incident left many users flabbergasted at how someone could do such a thing, and also praised Maria for breaking up with him and calling off their upcoming wedding.

"Better than a divorce babe. Saved yourself,” wrote one user. 

A second user agreed, writing: ”Not only you [have you] saved yourself, you saved them too. He could have done something if you kept quiet about it in hopes to save your relationship.”

”Nauseous for you. Wishing you lots of healing and love,” a third user added, while someone else chimed in that Maria had ”dodged a bullet.”

“I hope you find the peace your mind and heart are looking for in this moment," another user wrote.

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