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Kim Kardashian Accused Of Stealing Designs For SKIMS Swim From A Small Business

Photo: Instagram / TikTok
Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Bogush

Kim Kardashian is debuting her new business venture, announcing on her social media that her popular brand, SKIMS, will be adding a swimwear line to their collection. 

However, among all of the excitement for SKIMS Swim, Kardashian is being called out by a New Jersey designer, Locked Swim.

Locked Swim claims Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Swim copied their designs.

The swimwear company, Locked Swim, shared a video to their TikTok account, showing their swimsuits next to a photo of Kardashian wearing a suit from her own collection, and the similarities are uncanny.

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One item featured in Kardashian's new collection is a small navy bandeau top paired with a high-waisted skirt that features a large slit near the hip. Jennifer Bogush, the owner of Locked Swim, had on an identical version of the swimsuit from her own brand.

"I'm just bothered because I spent just a month's shy of a year perfecting the grey bikini," Bogush said in her video. "And I just launched last weekend, and of course, Kim spends three months and she's going to sell out of this set."

Bogush also seemed to reference the controversial advice Kardashian had given to women in business during her Vanity Fair interview. "And then there's people like me, who work, and I quote from Vanity Fair."

Not long after the video was shared, many fans took to Reddit to discuss the accusation that Kardashian had stolen her designs from Bogush.

While there were a few comments siding with Bogush, with one user commenting, "It’s a good company. And I do think her bandeau top looks higher quality than the skims one," there were other fans who defended Kardashian.

Some fans argued that the original swimsuit design isn't an original one, and that Kardashian likely didn't steal it from Locked Swim.

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"It’s a bandeau top and a wrap skirt. It’s nothing new and this person just wants clout," one user wrote.

Another user commented, "I’m sorry but where would Kim have ever heard of 'Locked Swim' who has less Instagram followers than I do and that’s saying something because I haven’t posted since 2018."

However, this isn't the first time Kim Kardashian has been accused of copying other designers.

Back in 2017, Kardashian had launched her own kids clothing line, The Kids Supply, which mixed streetwear styles, casual, and formal attire, which had been heavily based in what her and Kanye West had been wearing at the time.

Though, there were some pieces in the collection that were allegedly exact replicas of high-end designers that Kardashian herself wears. 

Kardashian seemingly defended the clothing line, claiming that she had been paying 'homage" to the original designs, despite many people pointing out that her collection is an exact replica. 

In a tweet, the KKW founder wrote, "We took 2 pieces from North & Saint’s closet that are their favorite pieces & recreated them. 100% or the proceeds for those pieces are being donated to The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles."

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