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Woman Calls Bride A 'Bridezilla' For Not Changing 'Conservative' Bridesmaid Dress To A 2-Piece Version

Photo: Panash India; Nameera by Farooq; Reddit.com
The bride's and bridesmaid's choices for cresses

Weddings are one of those things where everyone has an opinion—and in one bridesmaid on Reddit's case, it seems to have made her forget whose wedding it actually is.

She's preparing to be in a friend's upcoming wedding and has sparked major drama with the bride after she labeled her a "bridezilla" over her choice of bridesmaids' dresses.

In a post to the "r/AmITheA--hole" (AITA) subReddit, where people go to figure out if they're in the wrong in a conflict, she described the drama that ensued.

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The bride wanted a conservative bridesmaid's dress rather than a more revealing two-piece option.

The bridesmaid writes that the bride, whom she calls "D," chose a matching set of wedding dresses and bridesmaids' dresses for her wedding.

The bride's Indian wedding dress is an ornately beaded, scarlet red floor-length gown with gold embroidery and a matching shawl. 

For the bridesmaids, she chose another floor-length gown in the same shade of deep red, with more subtle embroidery and a gold-trimmed matching shawl. 

"I'm not a huge fan of this outfit," the bridesmaid wrote, so she shared her other ideas with the bride.

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The bridesmaid asked the bride if she could wear a different two-piece bridesmaid's dress instead and offered to pay for it herself.

"I told D I think the fit is going to be weird on me and I'd like to wear something else," she wrote.

The bridesmaid selected a midriff-baring two-piece bridesmaid dress with a halter top and a long, floor-length skirt in a floral pattern

"It's still cultural, not a Western dress," she added, "and it'll still go with her wedding dress."

Based on the photos she provided, however, that's up for debate.

In addition to having a floral pattern, the two-piece bridesmaid dress has a completely different color scheme of pinks and fuschia colors—totally distinct from the garnet red the bride chose.

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The bride refused to allow the bridesmaid to wear a different dress, because she wants the outfits to be 'modest.'

The bridesmaid protested that there was nothing immodest about the dress she suggested.

She added that while "I respect her religious beliefs" she feels she should be allowed to make a different choice because "I'm not a part of this religion myself."

The bride still insisted, however—because it is her wedding, after all.

But the bridesmaid thought she was being a "bridezilla," so much so that she told the bride she was considering backing out of the wedding.

The bride, in turn, was "snarky and got pissed," and several other people told the bridesmaid she was in the wrong.

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Most Reddit commenters agreed that the bridesmaid was in the wrong and was totally unreasonable.

People were in disbelief that the bridesmaid couldn't understand the bride's position.

"One is like a crop top while the other is a one-piece and is absolutely more modest. I can't understand how you can't see the difference in the outfits," one user wrote.

They want on to say, "besides it's their wedding not yours, they aren't being a bridezilla for wanting one outfit over the other."

"I was expecting to see the bride had chosen some monstrosity," another Redditor said, "but I found the bride’s choice very beautiful... [Your] alternative is just plain weird."

Another commenter wrote that the bridesmaid "must be blind" to not see how wildly different the dresses are, to which another Redditor quipped, "nope just suffering from main character syndrome."

Another user branded the bridesmaid a "bridesmaidzilla" over the whole situation.

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And some felt the bridesmaid was trying to upstage the bride. 

As one user put it, "[It's like] an 'immodest' version of the bridal gown, almost."

"I know Indians have a different view on showing up the bride than Americans or other westerners. But... This seems tacky and deliberate."

But one commenter got down to the heart of the matter, asking the bridesmaid if "showing your midriff is more important than standing for your friend on their big day."

Everyone wants to feel and look their best when they're in a wedding, but "bridesmaidzilla" just might be a fitting moniker after all.

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