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Bride Wants A 'Silent Wedding' & Asks Guests To Whisper During Reception — Her Fiancé Says She's 'Irrational'

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Bride and groom kissing at wedding reception

Weddings are meant to be a joyous and raucous occasion, surrounded by your close family and friends as you begin a new chapter of your life.

However, one woman wanted the complete opposite for her big day.

According to The Washington Post's "Ask Amy" advice column, the woman shared that she wants to implement a rather strange rule for her wedding day.

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The bride says she wants to have a "silent wedding" where the guests will have to "whisper" during the reception.

"My fiance and I are planning our wedding. As the bride, I’m planning on making certain requests of my guests, to make sure that my special day is as perfect as possible," she began.

One of the "requests" the bride-to-be wants her guests to follow is that they will have to "wear exclusively yellow" at her ceremony. 

However, another request she wants all guests attending her wedding to follow is to remain silent during the entire event.

While the woman's fiancé has been supportive of all her other requests, he put his foot down on having a silent wedding.

"He angrily rejected my other request: that our guests remain silent throughout both the ceremony and reception (to ensure that the focus remains on us)," she explained.

"My fiance said that this is irrational. He does not want to have a silent wedding."

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While the bride-to-be acknowledged that such a thing is pretty "uncommon," she pointed out that silent weddings have happened in her family before.

She described what goes into planning and executing a silent wedding, which consists of guests not being permitted to speak, and toasts are only given by the mothers of the bride and groom.

"Instrumental music will be playing silently," she said. "During the reception, the guests may whisper among one another, but may not speak aloud."

The bride-to-be pointed out that as "the newly married couple" all of the attention should fall on them and them only.

"I know it’s a lot to ask, but I feel I should have the wedding I want, so that the start of our life together will be perfect. I want him to support me, even if we disagree on something."

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The woman's request was criticized by the advice columnist, who called her a "bridezilla."

In response to the future bride's advice question on if her fiancé's "lack of understanding and support is a red flag," the "Ask Amy" columnist, Amy Robinson, condemned the idea of a silent wedding.

"I hope your fiance is paying attention, because if you are this self-centered now — I can only imagine what the dynamic will be like later, for instance, if you choose to have children," Robinson pointed out.

She explained that weddings aren't just for the bride, but are public events meant to bring family and friends together.

Robinson added that the bride's fiancé doesn't have to support her, regardless of how good or bad her ideas are.

"If you don’t want rowdy guests, then limit (or don’t serve) alcohol," she concluded.

"If you want the focus solely and exclusively on you, then get married in a small room, standing before a mirror."

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