Woman Advised To Divorce Her Husband After In-Laws Called Her 'Ugly'

Her husband will not stand up for her.

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Desperate for guidance, one woman turned to the internet to seek advice regarding her husband's side of the family.

The woman has been called ugly and old by her sisters-in-law and her husband doesn't seem to care.

The woman posted to an online forum for mothers called “Mumsnet” where she discussed the situation on the “Am I being unreasonable” (AIBU) thread

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The woman's in-laws have never been accepting of her and have pushed her away since day one.

She and her husband have been married for several years and have two children. 

The woman says it has been difficult to befriend her four sisters-in-law over the years.

After being left out of multiple family gatherings, the woman tried to bring it up with her mother-in-law. 

“When I’ve tried raising the subject to my MIL she makes me feel like it’s all in my head, then I think I might be going crazy. It’s never straightforward,” the woman said. 

“It’s little bits of passive aggressiveness here and there, and if I call them out I get called crazy or confrontational,” she continued.


One time, the woman, her husband, and the kids went to visit the in-laws.

While she was there, she tried to make an effort to join an online game that the family was playing when her sisters-in-law made a horrendous avatar of the woman. 

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“Horrible jaw, bulging eyes, and crazy hair, they laughed and said 'ugly like you.'" 

The woman put on a smile and changed the subject as she did not want her children to see she was upset.

On the way home, she told her husband she was quite upset over what his sisters said.

“He said his sisters would never do that, he thinks his lovely sisters can never do any wrong,” the woman said.


“He called me a crybaby and to grow up which made me feel even worse.”

The woman started to wonder if the reason they don't like her is that she is ugly. 

“They must call me ugly all the time behind my back,” the woman assumed. 

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Her sisters-in-law have had plastic surgery to look the way they do. 

The woman explains “They are all very glamorous, they have done their lips, cheeks, Botox, etc. They look like the glam girls from Love Island and are obsessed with Instagram.”    

She continues to say that she is quite plain in how she dresses and looks.


“I’m low on money so I don’t have the resources to look all dressed up.”

With little to no support from her husband she said “I think if it weren’t for kids I’d have left him by now.”

The woman explains that her husband is a good father, but these family issues make her want to leave.

She then revealed that for Christmas, the husband takes the kids over to the in-laws and she is not invited.

“I feel anything I do or say is mocked.”

When the woman makes conversation with her sisters-in-law, she is mocked and insulted.

She gives an example; “I asked them if they’ve seen the crown on Netflix, they laughed and said we aren’t 90 years old like you.”


The woman says she felt belittled after and questions if she is being a crybaby.

“I feel if I go NC with them my children will suffer, they are brilliant with the kids and they love them. If I stop everything my kids would be unhappy and maybe resent me.”

The woman has no family or friends so these are the only relatives her children have.


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Many users responded to the woman's post offering their two cents on the situation.

One user wrote “Right, you do realize your children are seeing this behavior? Think about that again. Your children are learning that it's acceptable to abuse you because everyone else is doing so.”

“Your children are learning what a dysfunctional relationship looks like. Your children are watching as your husband sidelines you and belittles you. Where do you think children learn their behavior from?” the same user continued.

“The whole family, including your husband, sound like bullies,” another wrote.


“They sound like bi--hes. Ugly inside and out,” a user stated.

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