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Woman Asks If She Is Wrong For Not Letting In-Laws Move In With Her After They Lost Their Jobs

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Grandparents with family

It can be difficult to get along with in-laws. Some are overbearing, and others find disgust.

But one woman's in-laws seem to be particularly demanding, pushing her to turn to strangers for help.

Her in-laws have insisted she let them move in with her and her husband because her father-in-law was laid off from work.

However, the woman refuses to let her in-laws move into her home.

She says her home cannot accommodate more people, and she wants room for her child to grow. Her dilemma has her conflicted, so she took to Reddit's 'Am I the A-hole' to ask what she should do. 

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'Am I the A-hole' is a subreddit where people seek to learn if were wrong in an argument that has been bothering them. You post your dilemma on the subreddit, give both sides of the story, and then after consideration, you will either be given a (YTA) You're the A-hole or (NTA) Not the A-hole.

The woman met her husband when they were very young. When they finished school, they married. She said they had bought a house last year, but her in-laws have not supported her decisions. 

"They made constant jokes about selling their house to move in with us and bringing my husband's two siblings (both adults) with them since they lived with them full time," she said in her post. 

She says it began to change when her in-laws began pushing them to buy a bigger and more expensive home because they wanted room for the family should they ever come and visit them.

The in-laws lost their temper after she told them they put an offer on a house seven hours away from them. 

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"My [mother-in-law] and [sister-in-law] were showing up every weekend for months without calling in advance. Husband and I both tried to explain that we are constantly having to cancel weekend plans for their visits and canceling other friends and family visits because of them but they do not care," she reiterates. 

The mother-in-law and sister-in-law refused to listen to the woman's house rules and treated her home as a second home; she told them in advance that if they refused to follow the rules of their home, they would be turned away at the door.

Her father-in-law was laid off, and her mother-in-law suggested it would be the perfect time for them to move in. 

The woman said her in-laws wanted to sell their home to live closer, but she said her home couldn't accommodate additional people. Her husband understands the issue but still thinks they should not turn their back on his family. 

She posted her question in the subreddit 'Am I the A-hole' asking if she is the A-hole since she doesn't want to upset her husband. The subreddit has voted that she is (NTA) contesting that their in-laws are lying and would not live there for a "few years."

A comment with 4K upvotes suggests that they will never leave if the woman lets her in-laws in. They suggest she hold her ground, keep to what she said, and not change her statement. 

"In my experience "not long" means 1-2 years. Def NTA," another user wrote.

One user suggests she change the locks on her house to deny her in-law's entry.

"1-2 years? In this case, it means forever. Change the locks. Even if you don't think they've got a key. NTA."  one user suggested. 

Many others are also commenting with similar posts, saying that her in-laws will stay longer than expected. Some suggest a "little while" means they will stay forever, and some have suggested they sell their home and move somewhere else far away but not tell them where they move to.

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