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Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Being Mad At Sleeping Husband For Not Answering Her Emergency Phone Call

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A woman is asking Reddit if she's in the wrong after getting mad at her sleeping husband for missing her emergency phone call.

Posting to the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A-hole), the woman explained that she needed her husband to pick her up from work because she left her keys in her locker.

After trying to call her husband for help, the woman was angry that he didn't pick up the phone.

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The woman shared that "a couple of weeks ago" she left her car keys in her "uniform pants" that were still in her locker at work.

"I realized when I got to the subway station, where I’d parked, that I’d left my keys back at work — a half-hour train ride and no guarantee I’d be able to get back in the building," she wrote, adding that it was "after midnight."

Instead of trying to see if she could get back into the building to retrieve her car keys, she called her husband, who was asleep.

"Twenty-two times. I tried my son, but he was asleep (he’s 19 and has a car) and didn’t wake up when I called a second time," she continued. "And I tried a friend. I didn’t want to call too many people because again, it was after midnight."

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After trying to call her husband a few more times, the woman ended up taking an Uber home.

As she was in the Uber on her way home, the woman continued to call her husband many of times because she still had to go back and get her car to avoid getting a ticket because of where the vehicle was parked.

When she got home, she immediately went into her bedroom and woke her husband up.

"I was pissed that had this been a serious emergency, I wouldn’t have been able to get through to him."

The husband tried to explain that he has her number saved in his "favorites" list on his phone and if she'd called twice, the call would've automatically gone through, but his phone had been on silent.

He also hadn't been able to hear it vibrating because the device had been resting on "something soft."

"He complained that I was mad at him for something I did. I replied that no, I was mad at ME for forgetting my keys. That was 100% on me," she concluded.

"I was mad at HIM for not having his phone on and that he’s unreliable in an emergency, which thankfully, this wasn’t a huge one."

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Most people under the woman's Reddit post were divided over whether or not the woman was wrong for getting mad at her husband.

"Women go missing at [the] park and ride locations late at night, for [her] husband to not be reachable to that extent is beyond ridiculous," one user wrote.

A second commenter added, "My husband works late some nights, and I make sure my phone is up so I can hear if he calls me."

"One early morning he got mugged in our driveway and called me immediately after to make sure I stayed inside with the kids while he called the cops. You just never know."

However, a third user pointed out that the woman had acted unfairly after confronting her husband.

"You took one moment where everything was stacked against your husband that he didn’t hear his phone go off, ignored his reasonable explanation, and jumped to 'you’re unreliable in an emergency.'"

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