Kim Kardashian Fans Spot Clue That Pete Davidson Will Be Edited Out Of Season 2 Of Hulu’s ‘The Kardashians’

It seems he'll barely be on the show.

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Instagram

Kardashian fans have spotted a clue that Kim Kardashian may already be removing scenes with Pete Davidson from her Hulu show before the season two premiere of 'The Kardashians.'

Posting to Reddit, one user pointed out that Hulu's YouTube channel has "deleted the trailer that had Pete scenes in it," attaching an image of the videos currently on the network's channel. 

The user continued, writing, "I'm CONVINCED they're gonna cut a lot of Pete scenes." 


Under the post, other users reacted to the speculation that Davidson might not appear in the second season following his breakup with Kardashian.

"I bet a lot of people were only going to watch solely for the Pete (and Kanye drama) storyline," one user wrote.

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Another added, "She’ll probably just give the same old 'we had a great time and I am grateful to have known him but our paths were just headed in different directions.'"

Will Pete Davidson be on 'The Kardashians'?

Pete Davidson was expected to appear in the show after being featured in the trailer but it was unclear how much of a role he would play.


Now, following Kardashian and Davidson's breakup early August 2022, citing "distance and schedules" as the reasoning for the split, Davidson's appearance in the show might be edited out.

It has been speculated that Davidson broke up with Kardashian because of how much their relationship was emphasized in the trailer.

Pete Davidson appeared in the season two trailer for 'The Kardashians.'

Davidson made a brief appearance in the teaser for season two as Kardashian opened up about how "life is good" as she continues her relationship with Davidson.

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“I have a new boyfriend, and I am just having a really good time," she said.


The next clip showed the couple on the night of the Met Gala as Kardashian even offers the former 'SNL' star a racy invitation while in front of her sister Khloé Kardashian.

“Babe, do you want to shower with me really quick?" she asked Davidson. The camera then pans to him, as he dramatically throws his phone and follows after Kardashian. 

Pete Davidson did not appear on camera in season one of 'The Kardashians.'

During season one of the reality show, Kardashian teased her budding relationship with Davidson after the two shared their first kiss while she was hosting 'SNL,' back in October 2021.

While Davidson didn't make an appearance during the show, Kardashian did speak about how their love story began, and also opened up about why she was reluctant to share details about her relationship with the comedian on camera.


"I just feel like I wanted to really make sure and not be like 'Oh my god, I met someone and I'm having fun' and then just like start talking about it on a show. Then if we weren't talking months later I'd be an idiot," she said in a confessional.

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