Why Kardashian Fans Think Scott Disick Is Paid To Date Younger Women

Scott Disick must be getting paid to do this, according to fans.

Scott Disick, Sofia Richie, Amelia Gray Instagram

Following his departure from Kourtney Kardashian’s side in 2015, Scott Disick remains close to the Kardashian family as a co-parent and in the hearts of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" fans.

Since that point, Disick has been seen spending time with and dating many women, all of which happen to be very young and with freshly started careers — leaving some fans with room to interpret why his “attraction” always seems to land within that criteria.


Kardashian fans believe that Scott Disick is being paid to “date” younger women and jumpstart their careers.

On a Reddit forum dedicated to analyzing the Kardashian family, one fan shares that they are “convinced” that Disick actually makes a lot of his money from dating younger women who are just starting their careers in order to get their names in headlines and their portfolios off the ground.

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“I’m convinced Scott makes his money by “dating” teenage and twenty-something microcelebs to get their names in headlines,” reads the title of the post. Several other fans in the comments agreed with this theory.


Scott Disick has been known to date younger women.

Disick started dating Sofia Richie in 2017, when she was just 19, until 2020. He then went on to date Amelia Hamlin, who was also 19, before splitting up in 2021.

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Of course, both of these two come from celebrity families but their connection to Disick certainly didn't hurt their careers.


Richie was best known as the daughter of Lionel Richie and sister of Nicole but now has a successful modeling career. 

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna's daughter has also made a name for herself in the fashion world since dating Disick.

That being said, it's hardly shocking that a celebrity child kickstarted their public career at 19 and found instant success. So, we might be giving Disick too much credit by suggesting he played a role!

But fans are still convinced Disick could be providing some kind of professional service — or at least should be!

"Anyone associated with the Kardashians gets photographed like crazy so maybe Scott took advantage of that and created an opportunity to make money. Would be a smart idea," one fan wrote.


No I just think he’s a creep,” said another user under the post, but another user claimed that they’d “rather believe this than him actually liking women closer to his daughter's age than to his.”

Disick may not be the only Kardashian boyfriend making money off of his relationships — Pete Davidson's relationships have also been accused of showing signs of a PR stunt.

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