TikTokers Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler May Be Broken Up 1 Year After Leaving Their Partners For Each Other

Are they really over?

Nessa Barrett, Jaden Hossler Instagram

TikTokers Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler are fueling breakup rumors after fans notice that the two of them aren't following each other on Instagram.

The social-media-stars-turned-musicians have been a controversial couple since they began dating but many fans will be sad to see the pair call it quits if the rumors are true.

Why did Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler break up?

According to the Instagram gossip account, TikTokRoom, fans theorized that Barrett and Hossler's breakup was caused by an alleged cheating scandal after Hossler signed his name on the chest of a fan after one of his concerts.


Hossler, who is signed to Travis Barker's label, was at one of his tour stops in Dallas on April 21 for his 'Tell Me About Tomorrow' tour, when the fan in question, Kassidi Foy, posted an Instagram story of Hossler's signature on her chest.

"Deadass, what the f**k," Foy, a micro-influencer herself, wrote on her story. "So hope [Nessa] doesn't find out about this."


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Foy, who is followed by Hossler on Instagram, also posted a photo while at his concert, on which Hossler commented, "The picture after my concert is my favorite."

Nessa and Jaden stopped following each other on Instagram.

After fans discovered that Barrett, 19, and Hossler, 21, unfollowed each other, they also noticed that Barrett had changed one of the captions on a photo of her and Hossler, who have been dating for a year.

For Hossler's birthday back in February, Barrett posted a photo with him with the caption, "Happy birthday lover boy," but fans were quick to find that Barrett had recently changed the caption to just say, "Happy birthday," with a white heart emoji.


Hossler, who is now re-following Barrett, though she still isn't following him, posted an Instagram story in which he confirmed that he hadn't "unfollowed anyone."

"Just so everyone is clear," Hossler wrote. "I didn't unfollow anyone. I definitely don't handle things online. Life isn't what it seems. Sad to see things roll out like they are but I don't want this."

Hossler's claim that he hadn't unfollowed Barrett caused many fans to wonder if Barrett had opted to remove Hossler as one of her followers instead.


Their rumored breakup comes a year after Hossler and Barrett left their partners to be together, causing a massive uproar on social media.

Nessa and Jaden were previously dating each other's close friends, Josh Richard and Mads Lewis.

Back in March 2021, both Barrett and Hossler had been dating fellow TikTokers Josh Richards and Mads Lewis, respectively, who were all involved in the same friend group.

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However, fans immediately noticed something was off after Lewis deleted all of the pictures with her and Hossler from her Instagram, and unfollowed both Hossler and Barrett.


Lewis then uploaded a TikTok video with Taylor Swift's 'Better Than Revenge' as the sound. The start of the video featured short clips of Lewis and Hossler's relationship before it jumped to photos of Barrett and Hossler with the lyric, "She took him faster than you can say sabotage.”

Richards also spoke out about the video Lewis had posted while on his podcast 'BFFs,' saying that he was "sad" over the entire situation. 

“First, I want to say, I’m always going to be that guy that wants to believe my best friend … because exes do crazy ass s–t,” Richards explained, adding that he "loves Nessa" but the entire thing has taken a toll on him.


“I’m looking at this video and I see two people that I love, they’re my family … The possibility of, f**k, I can lose both of these people. That’s what made me sad.”

Since news broke that Barrett and Hossler could possibly be on the outs, Richards and 'BFFs' co-host Dave Portnoy, posted a TikTok video alluding to the fact that they might talk about the alleged break up in an upcoming podcast episode.

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