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Fans Spot Clues That Billie Eilish & Her Boyfriend Are Broken Up After Her Explosive Coachella Performance

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Billie Eilish, Matthew Tyler Vorce

Billie Eilish fans are beginning to speculate that she has broken up with boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce after noticing a couple of clues over the past number of weeks.

While fans are still reeling from her energetic Coachella performances this weekend and last, they have still been quick to spot a notable absence from the crowd.

As the singer headlined the Californian festival, stars from Justin Biber to Harry Styles watched from the crowd but Vorce seems to have been absent.

Did Billie Eilish and Mattew Tyler Vorce break up?

Fans have noted that Eilish and Vorce appear to be taking some time apart and have not been seen with one another in the past couple of weeks.

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Matthew Tyler Vorce appears to have skipped Billie Eilish’s Coachella sets.

Fans noted that Vorce was not seen in Indio, CA on either weekend one or two of the famous festival.

Instead, he appeared to be out partying in LA and was seen with Bella Thorne.

Vorce was also seen in a friend’s Instagram story in LA in which the friend can be heard saying, “We make our own Coachella.”

Fans have speculated that this could be a way of shading Eilish.

Billie Eilish’s best friend unfollowed Matthew Tyler Vorce.

Zoe Donahoe, one of Eilish’s longtime friends, no longer follows @corduroygraham – which is the username for Vorce’s Instagram account.

Vorce does, however, still follow Eilish. Eilish, 20, is currently not following anyone on Instagram.

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An account dedicated to “exposing” Vorce also claims that the 30-year-old was “removed” from Eilish’s private Instagram account.

Billie Eilish and Matthew Tyler Vorce have not been seen together since early April.

Vorce appears to have attended the Oscars to support his girlfriend and was seen at her April 6 show shortly afterward. However, this seems to be the last time the couple was spotted in the vicinity of one another.

Eilish has kept their relationship private ever since together in April 2021, something Eilish likely doesn’t plan to change. 

“I definitely want to keep [relationships] private,” she said in a 2020 interview. 

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“I’ve had relationships and kept them private, and even the ones that I’ve had, with the tiny amount that I’ve let the world see, I regret.”

But that hasn’t stopped some fans from keeping a close eye on the couple.

Billie Eilish fans are not entirely supportive of her relationship with Matthew Tyler Vorce.

Fans were quick to raise concerns about the couple’s 10-year age gap, especially after witnessing the “Happier Than Ever” singer’s tumultuous relationship with her ex Brandon Quenton Adams who was in his 20s when she was dating him as a teenager.

Not long after the couple began dating, fans also unearthed some of Vorce’s old social media posts in which he appeared to be using homophobic and racist slurs.

Vorce later issued an apology after the post circulated online.

“The language I used was hurtful and irresponsible and I understand how offensive those words are. Whether it was a lyric, quote or just me being dumb, it doesn’t matter,” he wrote in a statement. 

“I am ashamed and deeply sorry that I used them in any context. It is not how I was raised and it is not what I stand for. I shouldn’t have used this language in the first place and I won’t use it again. I am so sorry for the hurt I have caused.”

Vorce also added that he takes full responsibility and will “continue to hold myself accountable for my actions.”

That said, fans remained divided in their opinions about him and some will likely rejoice if the rumored breakup is true.

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