Where Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde’s Relationship Stands After Months Of Breakup Rumors

Have they bounced back after spending Valentine's Day apart?

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Harry Styles' long-awaited third album has not yet been released but fans are already wondering who and what his new music will be about.

Given that the singer has been in a relationship with Olivia Wilde for the past year, fans are expecting that she may have influenced some of the music on "Harry's House" in some way.

But, amid the speculation, fans are also confused about what exactly is going on with the low-key couple who have stayed off social media since meeting on the set of "Don't Worry Darling" in January 2021.


His new video for "As It Was" is one of his most emotional to date: 

Did Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde break up?

Styles and Wilde are reportedly still going strong and have been seen out and about together in London in recent weeks.

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Harry Styles' mom reportedly adores Olivia Wilde.

On March 22, ET reported that a source close to the couple said they were "solid partners" and "the real deal."

“Harry's mother adores Olivia and her kids! Their families have blended so seamlessly," the source added.

They also claimed that the couple has been enjoying spending time with one another and Wilde's two children, Otis and Daisy. 


Wilde's family has been predominately based in Styles's home country since her children's father, Jason Sudekeis, films "Ted Lasso" in the UK. 

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were seen together in London in March.

The couple were seen holding hands while roaming around the city.

Fans had previously stirred rumors that the couple were broken up but the recent images appeared to shut down these claims.


Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde appear to have been apart on Valentine's Day.

On February 14, Wilde was spotted out and about with an unknown man instead of with her boyfriend.

However, this was just one snapshot of her day and who knows whether she saw Styles later — she was in his native London after all.

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While the Daily Mail provides no information on who the man might be, many Harry Styles fans in the comments of a speculative TikTok claim to recognize him from Styles’ entourage, and they claim the man is Styles’ co-manager.



Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde seemed to be going strong shortly before Valentine's Day.

Only two weeks ago, a couple of days after the former One Direction singer’s birthday, the couple was spotted together for the occasion.


They were visiting the Royal Academy of Arts together, pictured by some fans checking out an exhibition called Francis Bacon: Man and Beast.

A witness of their date relayed to the Daily Mail that “Harry and Olivia looked like they were having lots of fun as they browsed the gallery. They didn't hold hands, but you could still see their closeness as they admired the art together.”


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This was supported by Wilde’s own post to her Instagram story, writing a caption, “Francis Bacon at Royal Academy if you're in London go, go, go.”

Meanwhile, only days before, the couple had reportedly celebrated Style’s birthday over a candlelit dinner party at St. John’s Bread and Wine in London.

So, why was Valentine’s Day spent seemingly apart?

Even though it seems like both parties could be in London and their relationship looks to be as close as ever, why was Wilde seen with someone else, as opposed to Styles?


Well, there are two reasonable theories that seem pretty likely over the situation, since it looks like they’re not calling it quits.

On one hand, perhaps they had a private Valentine’s Day celebration — just because Wilde was seen out without Styles does not mean she never saw him that day, after all.

It’s understandable that the couple wouldn’t want their date to mostly consist of nonstop pictures from both fans and paparazzi.


On the other hand, the Daily Mail mentions that, while Styles was in London at least recently, he was there to film a “top secret” music video for the first single of his upcoming album.

If they’re starting productions like this, it’s no stretch to believe that Harry Styles will be a very busy man for a while in preparation for the release of his next album and the tour for his latest one.

Perhaps the reason they had to miss their holiday together is nothing more than the busy schedules of the two successful celebs.

At the end of the day, fans of the couple can probably rest easy for now because it seems in all likelihood that the pair is still very much in love.


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