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Fans Are Wondering If Logan Paul & Olivia O’Brien Are Dating Again After He Crashed Her Coachella Performance

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Olivia O'Brien, Logan Paul

Many fans are talking after Logan Paul crashed Olivia O'Brien's Coachella set on Sunday, during a performance of a song the singer had written about the YouTuber.

For those who have been keeping up with the on-off pair, the surprise appearance prompted people to wonder if the two are back together.

At the end of O'Brien's performance of her song 'Josslyn,' which the 22-year-old singer previously confirmed was about Paul, he walked on stage with a sign that read "It wasn't worth it," which is a callback to a lyric in the song where O'Brien sings, "I hope that it was worth it f*cking Josslyn."

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In the clip, fans can be heard screaming as Paul walks onstage and unravels the sign, holding it above his head as O'Brien laughs while standing next to him. She quickly says goodbye to the audience afterward, walking off in the opposite direction from Paul.

The moment between O'Brien and Paul has fans wondering about their relationship and where it stands now.

When did Olivia O'Brien date Logan Paul?

Rumors that O'Brien was dating popular YouTube star Logan Paul had first caught the attention of the internet towards the end of 2019.

Though the two have never publicly confirmed that they were in a relationship, they have dropped hints that they had been hooking up, which were confirmed after the release of O'Brien's single 'Josslyn.'

The song had been released in February 2020, and O'Brien's fans were quick to speculate that the breakup anthem had been written about Paul.

Olivia O'Brien confirmed that 'Josslyn' was written about Logan Paul.

Initially, O'Brien had denied the rumors that 'Josslyn' was about Paul, telling Entertainment Tonight, "It's not about someone I actually dated, I always refer to guys I talk to as my 'exes' ... They are just boys who made me emotionally unwell. It's definitely about a real situation but the girl's name isn't Josslyn."

During an interview on the 'Zach Sang Show,' O'Brien talked more about the inspiration behind the hit song, sharing that she had found out the guy she was seeing had been cheating with someone else.

After finding out about it, she cut all ties with him, however, she later learned that she'd gotten the details all wrong but didn't reveal any more details about the entire ordeal.

A year later though, O'Brien finally confirmed the rumors that the song was about Paul during an interview with Nick Viall in July 2021, also sharing details about her relationship with the influencer.

When asked if she'd written any songs about Paul, O'Brien responded, "One song, ten songs. Who is to count?"

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She then spoke candidly about their relationship, which had been on and off for a few years, adding that the two would hook up for a period of time before separating again.

O'Brien recalled the last time she had hooked up with Paul after breaking up with a guy, saying she had called Paul to spend some time together after a long hiatus. 

She also revealed that her song 'Sociopath' which was released in 2021, is also about Paul, saying that he doesn't take the songs she writes about him personally, and encourages her to say whatever she wants about him.

Olivia O'Brien and Logan Paul were last linked in September 2021.

The last time O'Brien and Paul were spotted together before Coachella had been in September 2021, after being photographed together at Chiltern-Firehouse in London.

A day after being spotted out in London, O'Brien seemed to hint at their reconciliation while making a cameo during Mike Maljak's interview on the 'BFFs podcast,' who is friends with Paul.

In the interview, host Dave Portnoy asked O'Brien what she was going to hang out with Maljak and Paul, to which she jokingly replied, "I'm a member of the 'Logang," a nickname for Paul's fanbase, before admitting that she was currently hooking up with Paul.

It's unclear if the two are currently back in their on-again stage, but it seems the two are definitely on good terms.

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