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Tana Mongeau Says Rapper Chris Miles Is The Only Person She's Hooked Up With In 2021

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Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau might still be stirring up trouble with ex-boyfriend Jake Paul, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t moved on to new romances. 

Mongeau sparked dating rumors with Chris Miles after posting a TikTok revealing that, contrary to popular opinions about her dating life, the rapper is the only person she has hooked up with in 2021.

Who is Tana Mongeau dating? The YouTuber is linked to rapper Chris Miles.

Mongeau has previously been linked to “Too Hot To Handle” star Harry Jowsey, and has found herself in a bizarre attempt at a love triangle with Jake and Logan Paul, but Miles appears to be her most consistent romance this year. 

The YouTuber has been posting flirty videos with the rapper, and while they don’t appear to be putting a label on their relationship, there’s certainly something happening between these two. 

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Mongeau and Miles have been dating since at least 2021.

Mongeau admitted to only hooking up with Miles this year, but it’s possible these two started hanging out before that. 

The pair first started tweeting back and forth in December 2020, appearing to be friendly. 

In March, Mongeau posted a series of Instagram photos that contained an image of her leaning in to kiss a mystery man believed to be Miles. 

Mongeau first referenced their relationship online in June 2021 when she posted a TikTok of Miles collecting her from the airport with a bouquet of flowers. 

Miles is a rapper.

Miles rose to fame when his “America’s Got Talent” entry tape went viral on YouTube in 2012, when he was just 13 years old. 

Two years later, he signed with Warner/Chappell in a deal that reportedly included five future albums, depending on the success of his first. 

Miles’s sixth studio album, “Before It’s Over,” was released in 2019. Miles is also a member of the rap group Pain Party. 

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Mongeau says she’s single. 

In May, Mongeau denied that she was dating anyone, saying, “I’m single and working on myself!”

But a lot can change in a month, so it’s possible Miles and Mongeau have taken their relationship to the next level recently.

Though, considering Mongeau did just publicly tweet at Logan Paul requesting a hook up after his brother rejected her, she may not be ready to commit herself to one man just yet! 

Miles referred to Mongeau as his 'wife.'

On June 14, Miles posted a TikTok with Mongeau which he captioned “wife” before tagging her. 

Mongeau commented on the video to say “I love you.” 

Whether or not Mongeau dropped the "L" bomb in a romantic or platonic context is unclear but, either way, these two seem to have a really close bond. 

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