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Inside The Harry Jowsey Cheating Rumors That Ended His Relationship With Francesca Farago From 'Too Hot To Handle'

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Harry Jowsey Cheating Rumors Ended His Relationship With Francesca From 'Too Hot To Handle'

One of the couples from Too Hot To Handle has gone ice cold. Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey, who couldn't keep their hands off each other on camera, have announced that they've split up this week. 

Farago offered an emotional video where she explained that, even though she loved Jowsey very much, the long-distance between them was taking a toll. After months of quarantining apart, they just couldn't maintain their relationship anymore. She said Jowsey had made the decision to break up with her and she was telling fans rather than trying to fake something that wasn't there anymore. 

Why did Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey break up — and was it because of the Harry Jowsey cheating rumors?

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For fans reading between the lines, she said some things that suggest that there may be more to their break-up than meets the eye. The couple had been notorious for being so in love with each other that they kept breaking the "no sexual contact" rules of the Too Hot To Handle game. But they have been living apart for a long time now and audiences wonder if there was something more than long-distance coming between them.

The best explanation for their break-up is that a long-distance quarantine is no way to keep love alive. 

Canadian Farago and Australian Jowsey met while filming Too Hot To Handle, a show where young singles were expected to make deep personal connections while resisting the temptation to have sex. They managed to accomplish the former but fell short on the latter, with their physical contact causing the whole cast to lose prize money. They finished the season madly in love and despite some bumps in the road after filming they planned to get married. 

Before Farago could join Jowsey in Los Angeles, where he lives now, COVID-19 interrupted their plans. As the weeks of separation continued, Jowsey was less and less enthusiastic about keeping the flame alive. 

“The way I was thinking is not the way he was thinking,” she explained in her video. “We just had different mindsets to this situation. 

There were "rumors."

After explaining about the problems that being apart had caused for the couple, Farago said a few things that definitely made it sound like there was more going on. For one thing, she referenced "rumors and accusations" that "turned out to be true." She didn't explain what the rumors were, however, but she did express a serious sense of betrayal that has us wondering if Jowsey was cheating on her or doing something equally deceptive while they were apart. 

“I didn’t want to believe it because how could you have a wedding ring folder with someone and how could you propose to someone but you’re also saying, 'I can’t be with you because of the distance',” she explained. “It makes me feel like I was being played. It’s just sad with myself for letting myself be put through this situation.”


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Farago and Jowsey in happier times.

Even though the cheating is just rumors at this point, there was definitely fighting.

Farago was honest about the fact that they argued. She just didn't think the arguments were as big a deal as Jowsey found them to be. "We would argue every now and then but it was never, for me, a relationship ending," she said. "I think for him, small little things ended up turning into relationship-ending arguments.”

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Jowsey is trying to have the last word.

Jowsey released his own video a day later, which you can view below, where he emotionally addressed his ex's claims. He talked about the intense and disorienting experience of falling in love on a reality show, then being told to keep it all undercover for more than a year until the series aired. Nevertheless, he had nothing but good things to say about the experience and his feelings for Farago.

"What I had was like nothing I've ever had before," before talking about how deeply they felt for one another. He went on to talk about how he found their ups and downs incredibly emotional and that the minor fights Farago referenced actually had a major impact on his state of mind. He said he would send her messages after arguments saying he had never been that sad in his life. The emotional turmoil ended up being too much for him to withstand over the long-term. 

"I knew I had to break up with Francesca because I knew it would end up with her being seriously heartbroken or me continuing to be seriously depressed," he told the camera.

Jowsey released his own video. 

Did Jowsey address the cheating rumors?

Jowsey only circled around the alleged rumors in his video, never coming out and saying that anyone had accused him of cheating or lying. He did devote a chunk of his explanation to defending himself by explaining that Farago had continuous access to his phone's location and she could call or videochat anytime she wanted to, so he had no opportunity to be running around on her. 

Farago fired back.

After Jowsey posted his tearful explanation of the whole relationship and it's ending, Farago tried to get the final word on her own social media. In a now-expired Instagram story, she posted a meme of painter Bob Ross with the caption "Me in relationships: Let's turn these red flags into happy little trees." Clearly, Farago thinks there was something more sinister in how the whole relationship went down that Jowsey wants us to believe. 

Farago wanted the last word and posted this meme. 

Is this really the end of their relationshp? 

Since this wasn't the first break-up for this pair — they split for several months before announcing a reconciliation at the reunion special — this may not be the final ending for them, either. They both seem to still have strong feelings and they'll soon be in the same city. Farago is allegedly moving ahead with plans to move to Los Angeles, where Jowsey has already settled. Maybe they will try again once she's settled into her new home and can be with each other in person. 

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