Fans Think Taylor Swift Is Teasing Possible ‘Midnights’ Collaborators By Using A Pseudonym

Fans have never heard of the mystery artist before.

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If you’re a dedicated Taylor Swift fan, you’ve probably heard the name “Niceboy Ed” making its way around the Swifties circles.

The “All Too Well” singer recently posted a TikTok with a series of clips of herself working on her upcoming album, “Midnights.” 

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The video depicts Swift in the studio recording her new music, and laughing and singing with friends.


Fans were quick to notice the audio she chose for her video, a song titled “Life You Lead” by an artist named “Niceboy Ed.” 



Who is Niceboy Ed? 

Niceboy Ed is the credited artist on "Life You Lead" but seems to have had no online presence until Swift used the song.


The so-called artist first released the song on September 15, one day before Swift used the clip in her own video.

Niceboy Ed also has just one post on their unverified Instagram account but is, curiously, followed by Joe Alwyn — Swift's longterm boyfriend (and possible fiance/husband.)

“Why isn’t anyone talking about Niceboy Ed? The TikTok sound she used was from a brand new song by unknown artist ‘Niceboy Ed'” a Reddit user posted to the subreddit thread, "r/TaylorSwift" where Taylor Swift fans share important updates regarding the singer and her music. 

The question has spawned many theories about what the singer, who is known for using elaborate methods to drop clues about her music, is trying to convey with the track.


Fans think Niceboy Ed could be Joe Alwyn or his friend.

“Whoever Niceboy Ed is, he is following a rather random selection of followers, but there is a lot of overlap with people Joe follows,” one Redditor pointed out. “Makes me think this account either is Joe, or maybe someone close to him like his brother.” 

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Others believe that the artist Niceboy Ed does not exist and was composed by Swift or Alwyn under a pseudonym.

Alwyn previously co-wrote a song with Swift under the name William Bowery. 

Other fans think Niceboy Ed is Taylor Swift herself.

One TikTok user believes that Niceboy Ed is not a real artist and is indeed Swift herself using the hype surrounding the mystery artist to promote her new album. 




Even if he [Niceboy Ed] was real, this would be a huge favor that Taylor Swift was doing someone,” the TikToker shared. “She doesn’t do this for just anyone.” 

She also pointed out that Swift liked every single video that used the Niceboy Ed audio faster than she could even likely watch all of them.

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“Taylor Swift does not do things by accident,” she said. “She's telling us to pay attention to the song.” 

She added that she believes the name “Niceboy Ed” is a pseudonym since Swift has used pseudonyms in the past.

The most well-known instance is when Swift used the name “Nils Soberg” when she co-wrote Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s song, “This Is What You Came For.” 

Other TikTokers believe that Swift is hinting at possible artists that will be featured in her upcoming album using the name “Niceboy Ed.” 

The track sounds suspiciously like Bon Iver, one of Swift's previous collaborators, but fans also have alternative theories.


Niceboy Ed might be a reference to Beyonce.

TikTok user @ihatepeppertok claimed that she rearranged the letters to “Niceboy Ed” and it spelled “ID Beyonce.”

“We have identified Beyonce as a collaborator on ‘Midnights!'” she shared. 



She took her theory even further by deconstructing the term “ID.”


She revealed that I is the ninth letter in the alphabet and D is the fourth. Four added to nine equals 13. 

“Beyonce is on track 13 of ‘Midnights.’ You’re welcome,” the TikTok user said. 

The identity of Niceboy Ed has yet to be confirmed by Swift but, in typical Swiftie fashion, fans might have already beaten her to the explanation with their many theories.

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