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Malik Beasley Apologizes To Wife Montana Yao After Larsa Pippen Drama — Details About The Couple

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Montana Yao, Malik Beasley and Larsa Pippen

The drama between Malik Beasley, his wife, Montana Yao and Larsa Pippen is getting even deeper.

The NBA star, who just turned 24, made national headlines after he was photographed holding hands with former Kardashian BFF Larsa Pippen back in November.

But now Beasley is apologizing to his estranged wife after his relationship with Larsa Pippen left Yao publicly heartbroken.

The Minnesota Timberwolves dedicated a lengthy Instagram post to Yao and claimed to have broken up with Pippen after realizing “there is no one like you.”

Sharing a throwback photo with Yao and their young son, Beasley wrote, "I was looking for more when it was right here that whole time. I'm telling the world and you that there's nobody like you for me."

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Who is Malik Beasley’s wife, Montana Yao?

Read on to find out 9 things you didn’t know about Montana Yao.

Montana Yao is a California native.

Yao was born on August 5, 1997, and was raised in California.

She grew up competing in beauty pageants and placed in the top 10 for Miss California Teen 2016.

Yao is a model and a rapper.

Yao has over 140,000 followers where she often shares images from swimwear photoshoots and other outfit pictures.

As she has deleted any of her old posts with Beasley, her social media now consists mainly of her modeling shots and images of her adorable son. But she does share the occasional rap video, freestyling for her followers. The girl has bars!

Malik Beasley and Montana Yao have one child.

Montana Yao has an adorable son with Malik Beasley named Makai, who was born on March 26, 2019. One scroll through her Instagram will show you that she absolutely loves being a mama, and all of her and Makai’s photos and videos are too cute for words!

"I need you more than you need me you don’t even understand... my little soulmate [heart] I love you more than words can express!” she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post back in February.

“I would kill and die for you 100X over. Thank you for giving my life sooooo much more meaning and purpose!!!!! WHAT WAS LIFE BEFORE YOU!!!!!!! MY HEART IN HUMAN FORM!!” she added.

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Malik Beasley and Montana Yao faced felony drug charges.

In September 2020, Beasley was arrested and charged with felony threats of violence and fifth-degree drug possession. Police were called to the couple’s Minnesota home by people who claim Beasley pointed a gun at them while they were on the grounds of his property.

Yao was also arrested on a felony possession charge after police searched the home and seized more than 835 grams of marijuana.

Yao claimed the marijuana was all hers and was bought in a medicinal capacity but couldn’t provide the necessary documents to support her claim.

The drug charges were withdrawn after Beasley was sentenced to 120 days in prison for the felony threat of violence charge.

Yao filed for divorce right when the pics of Malik and Larsa surfaced.

"Montana filed for a divorce the day she saw the photos," a source close to Yao said. "Montana never cheated, and it's not in her character. She's not dating anybody. She's a family person. She's focusing on taking care of her son with her parents. They are quarantining together. Her son is her first priority."

What happened between Malik Beasley and Larsa Pippen?

Yao, 23, filed for divorce from Beasley in December 2020 after Beasley was photographed holding hands with Pippen, 46.

The 24-year-old NBA star dated Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife until early May 2021 but their relationship was rife with drama.

Yao claimed her husband had cheated on her with Pippen and that Beasley had kicked her and their son out of their family home amid the breakup. Beasley denied this, saying he and Pippen only began dating after separating from Yao.

However, in the aftermath of his split from Pippen, it appears Beasley is trying to make amends with his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

“I ain't looking to be judged, I'm looking for forgiveness. To forgive me for hurting my family the way I did,” he wrote on Instagram, "At the end of the day I'm a lover boy and I miss holding y'all and loving y'all.”

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