Everything To Know About NBA Star Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend, Harper Hempel

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Who Is Jamal Murray’s Girlfriend? Details About Harper Hempel
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Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray is no stranger to the spotlight; after all, the 23-year-old basketball player is one of the most talked about players in the NBA. And while he may have gotten some unwanted attention in March of this year after someone hacked his Instagram account and posted an intimate video of him, it seems like the internet isn’t done talking about Jamal Murray — particularly, his girlfriend, Harper Hempel.

Who is Jamal Murray’s girlfriend, Harper Hempel?

Like Jamal Murray, Harper Hempel is an athlete. The blonde beauty played volleyball for her home state at the University of Kentucky from 2015 - 2017, and recently celebrated her 24th birthday without her basketball beau, due to the NBA bubble rules amid the pandemic.

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In an Instagram post on August 31, Harper posted a picture of herself enjoying a glass of wine without Jamal. “Here’s to 24 [champagne glasses emoji] ~ new beginnings, new city, & all the real ones in my life. really just thankful to be here,” she captioned the pic. 

What does Harper Hempel do for a living?

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Harper Hempel started her own photography business. In her bio on her website, she says she enjoys “capturing special moments in personalized sessions with individuals and groups,” and that her “specialties include senior pictures, family portraits, couples, kids, and groups of friends.”

One look through her photography portfolio on her website will show you that Harper is actually very talented at her craft, and has a knack for capturing moments that look completely natural onscreen.

Who is Harper Hempel? She's quite the fashionista.

If you scroll through Harper’s Instagram profile, you’ll see that the former volleyball player is quite stylish, and could probably be a model! Harper also has an amazing shoe collection, which she features in a lot of her photos.

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Harper Hempel keeps her relationship with Jamal Murray private.

Harper and Jamal met while they were in college, and although Jamal moved to Denver to pursue his NBA career while they were at the University of Kentucky, Harper chose to stay in college and get her degree in Marketing and Digital Media. 

In fact, Harper and Jamal keep their relationship so private that the 24-year-old photographer doesn’t have any pictures of Jamal on her Instagram, which probably stems from their scandal from earlier in the year. 

Harper Hempel is no stranger to controversy. 

In March of this year, both Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray came face-to-face with a major scandal. The athletes became the talk of the internet after someone hacked Jamal’s Instagram account and posted a video of the basketball star engaging in, how to say, "intimate" activities that are meant for the bedroom.

The video also featured Harper, and she had previously taken to Twitter to ask fans who had a copy of the tape to delete the video. She has since deactivated her account; however, she remains active on Instagram.

“First and foremost I would like to apologize to my fans. My account has been hacked, currently working on the issue. Thanks,” Jamal Murray wrote in an apology on social media. 

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