With Twins On The Way, Nick Cannon Allegedly Expecting Another Baby — With Model Alyssa Scott

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Nick Cannon

Rumor has it Nick Cannon is becoming a father for the seventh time.

“Wild 'n Out” model Alyssa Scott shared a cryptic pregnancy post that implied Cannon is the father of her little one-to-be.

The shocking announcement is like groundhog day for Cannon, currently the host of MTV's “Wild 'n Out,” who welcomed a child with ex Brittany Bell in December and has twins on the way with DJ Abby De La Rosa.

Who is Alyssa Scott?

Scott, likely met Cannon while working as a model on his sketch-comedy show “Wild 'n Out.” The model has an impressive 161,000 followers on Instagram where she regularly shares images from photoshoots.

Little is known about Scott, but it appears she is already a mother to an older daughter from a previous relationship.

While announcing her pregnancy she referred to “Baby #2,” and on Mother’s Day, she shared a snap of herself holding her daughter, who she called “My new day. My most patient teacher.”

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Is Nick Cannon the father of the baby Alyssa Scott is expecting?

Neither Scott nor Cannon have specifically confirmed whether or not he is the father of her baby but, based on the model’s post, there seems to be a good reason people believe the rumor may be true.

Scott posted a photo of her pregnancy bump on Instagram captioned with what people are saying is the baby's name — “Zen S Cannon."

Understandably, this sparked a flood of speculation about the identity baby’s father being linked to Cannon.

And when a user commented, “Is Nick the father?” Scott responded with a smiley face and heart emoji, appearing to neither confirm nor deny the rumor.

Another comment read, "You're gorgeous and you and Nick are going have a beautiful baby." Scott replied with a simple, “thank you.”

Scott has been sharing images of her pregnancy in January and revealed in April that she only had two months to go until the infant would be born. 

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Who is Nick Cannon expecting twins with?

If the rumors are true, Cannon has three babies on the way and is about to have his hands full.

Cannon is expecting twin boys with his rumored girlfriend, Abby De La Rosa.

The DJ and radio personality posted about her “miracle babies” on April 11, sharing an image of her cradling her bump while Cannon posed by her side.

“Your Dad and I will always be here for you both; in complete unison,” she wrote. The pair later threw a baby shower to celebrate their upcoming arrivals.

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De La Rosa thanked Cannon for his “constant love and support,” in her baby shower posts.

Cannon has never addressed the pregnancy nor is it clear whether or not he and De La Rosa are currently in a relationship.

De La Rosa previously stated that the babies are due to be born in July, meaning they will likely be born a month after Scott welcomes her child.

Who does Nick Cannon have kids with?

Cannon is already a father to four children. The “Masked Singer” host shares 9-year old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, with ex-wife Mariah Carey.

Cannon and Brittany Bell welcomed a son, Golden, in 2017.

Bell gave birth to their second child together in December 2020 — a daughter named Powerful. The couple was in an on-off relationship at the time.

Cannon’s ex-girlfriend, Jessica White, also revealed she had suffered a miscarriage while with Cannon, just two weeks before the news came out that Bell was pregnant with Powerful, who was allegedly conceived while Cannon and White were on a break.

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