Kel Mitchell's Ex Claims She Caught Nick Cannon Wearing Cheerleader Uniform In Bed With Her Husband

Nick Cannon has some explaining to do.

Nick Cannon, Kel Mitchell Instagram/YouTube

Nick Cannon is responding to a bizarre claim that he had an intimate relationship with former co-star Kel Mitchell.

Back in the golden years of Nickelodeon’s hold on popular television, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell had a vice grip on the TV network alongside their good friend, Nick Cannon, in shows like "All That" and "Kenan & Kel."

Since we were all younger then and the internet allowed for a little more privacy than we’re used to now, we didn’t know the extent of all of their relationships — especially the one between Mitchell and Cannon.


Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife claims she caught Nick Cannon wearing her cheerleading uniform while in bed with her husband.

Tyisha Hampton, who was married to Mitchell for six years from 1999 to 2005, is claiming that, at some point during their relationship, she walked in on Mitchell in bed with Cannon while he sported a cheerleader uniform.

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She posted the claim on TikTok yesterday, July 5, 2022, alongside the caption “You can definitely be blinded by love.”



“Remembering when I came home early to #NickCannon wearing my full cheerleading uniform (including the briefs) doing cheers on the bed for my ex-husband #KelMitchell to cheer him up, because he cheated on me!” she wrote in the video.


Many people in the comment section of the TikTok became confused with what they were reading because the story seems so absurd.

“I know what this says, but I can't quite understand what it says,” wrote one user, while someone else responded with “I know I’m not dyslexic but for some reason, I’m not understanding what I’m looking at rn.”

Others questioned the validity of her claims, not trusting the word-of-mouth confession.

“How or why would anyone make this up? I really do want my outfit back though frfr,” she commented in response to those people, joking that he kept her outfit.

She explained that he was only trying to make him laugh and that nothing else happened between them, but others weren’t entirely convinced.


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Some people brought up the infamous confession that came from Orlando Brown, one of the stars from Disney’s That’s So Raven, where he claimed that Cannon dressed up in drag and performed oral sex on him.

Cannon denied the claims, thought they were “hilarious” and said that he was “praying for the young brother Orlando,” since he has previously struggled with addiction and mental health problems.

Nick Cannon denied claims made by Kel Mitchell's ex.

Cannon also addressed Hampton’s video in a comment on Instagram, similarly laughing off the claims and adding to the supposed absurdity of it all.


“Yep!! Probably had the big ear of corn, a bunch of orange soda, and a couple of Kids Choice Awards up our [expletive] too!” he wrote on Instagram, referencing skits performed on "All That."

It’s safe to say that Cannon is denying that this ever happened, but with so many allegations lodged against him, it’s likely that this claim could still stick in fans' minds.


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