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Charli D'Amelio Sparks Breakup Rumors With Landon Barker After Being Spotted Getting Close To Another Man

Photo: Instagram
Landon Barker, Charli D'Amelio

Fans are wondering if Charli D'Amelio and her boyfriend, Landon Barker, have broken up after D'Amelio was spotted with a mystery man.

D'Amelio, 18, and Barker, 19, have been together since early summer 2022, but it seems the two might've called quits on their relationship.

Recently, D'Amelio was spotted getting cozy with an unknown male, who has since been identified as Alex Novian. 

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Who is Alex Novian?

Novian, who is rumored to be 16, was photographed alongside D'Amelio as the two were leaving Seth MacFarlane's holiday party on December 10.



Photos of Novian and D'Amelio huddled close together while outside were posted by celebrity gossip sites, where fans began speculating about the nature of their relationship.

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Novian was speculated to be dating D'Amelio but she later shut this rumor down.

Under a photo of the two posted by a gossip page on Instagram, the TikTok influencer wrote: "I'm just standing next to someone, calm down."

Despite D'Amelio's attempts to shut down the speculation, another photo emerged of her and Novian, further convincing fans that she and Barker were no longer an item.

In the photo, Novian is sitting beside D'Amelio with one arm stretched around her waist and his hand resting on her abdomen, while his other hand is resting on her arm. 

The rumored couple were all smiles for the cozy photo, raising questions once more on if the two were actually just friends or possibly something more.

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Landon Barker seemed to hint about a breakup with D'Amelio.

Shortly after photos of D'Amelio and Novian started making their rounds on social media, Barker posted a cryptic message.

In an Instagram story, Barker wrote, "I'm partially insane" above a photo of himself.

While the message didn't say much else, fans were quick to assume the musician had been referring to D'Amelio.

Fans also noticed that Barker had unpinned the TikTok videos he'd made with D'Amelio on his account, further pushing speculation that the two might not be on good terms anymore.

Despite rumors of a breakup, D'Amelio and Barker still follow each other on Instagram, and still have photos of each other up on their respective social media accounts. 

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D'Amelio and Barker first sparked dating rumors in June 2022 after they were seen leaving Barker's concert together.

That same month a source told Us Weekly that the two were together, but were keeping their relationship "very low-key" as they wanted to continue "getting to know each other and [have] fun."

D'Amelio and Barker didn't confirm their relationship until July 2022, when D'Amelio posted a photo of her and Barker on her Instagram of them sharing a kiss.

Their relationship was met with a bit of backlash, especially from D'Amelio's ex-boyfriend, Chase Hudson.

Hudson, who had also been friends with Barker, called out D'Amelio for being a "homie hopper," in his song about his ex-girlfriend, "All Things I Hate About You."

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