Addison Rae's Dad Reveals His 'Other Family' After Ex-Wife Sheri Nicole Goes Public With Yung Gravy

He blames Sheri for making him choose between his other kids and her.

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After rapper Yung Gravy and Addison Rae's mother, Sheri Nicole Easterling, made their debut as a couple on the red carpet at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, Rae's father, Monty Lopez shared his feelings about the new couple.

Easterling, 42, and Lopez, 46, split back in July 2022 after news emerged that Lopez had cheated on Easterling with 25-year-old influencer Renée Ash, and had been in a 5-month-long affair with her.


However, Lopez has continued to air his grievances about his ex-wife and mother of his three children online, with the latest one being that he is "unbothered" about Easterling and Yung Gravy's VMA red carpet debut.

“Unbothered!” Lopez wrote via his Instagram Story on August 28, alongside a shirtless mirror selfie. “Thank you [Yung Gravy] for taking the leftovers!”

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Lopez continued his rant, including the hashtag "#tiredoflivinglie," before he revealed that he has a whole other family and that Easterling made him choose between his other children and her when they were married.


Who is Addison Rae's sister?

Lopez has revealed he has a second daughter, Addison's half-sister, named Macye Neumeyer, who was presumably born before his 21-year-old TikTok star daughter.

“I would rather spend time with my daughter and 2 grandkids that SheriNicole made me abandon as a child inorder [sic] to be with her!” Lopez wrote on Instagram.

He concluded: "Never let a woman make you choose between her and or your blood child!”

Lopez recently updated his bio on Instagram to include Neumeyer's Instagram handle.

Macye Neumeyer has two daughters of her own, Monty Lopez's grandchildren.

On his Instagram page, Lopez also shared photos of himself with Neumeyer attending a birthday party for his granddaughters in his home state of Louisiana.


Lopez's post about his other family had been made shortly after his ex-wife and Yung Gravy were pictured together attending the VMAs, the apparent couple even matching in lavender outfits.

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“I hit on her first, I knew of her and I thought she was fine,” Yung Gravy told Page Six on the red carpet. 


The rapper, who shot to fame within the last year, added that he and Easterling met on “the internet” and “Facetimed” a couple of times before meeting in person.

“She’s like a Southern belle and I’m a Northern boy so it felt really cute and wholesome,” he explained, adding that he’s “into MILFs and she’s kinda the queen of MILFs.”

Previously, Yung Gravy had first spoken publicly about Easterling on Jeff Wittek's podcast, "Jeff FM," revealing that all of the rumors surrounding him and Addison Rae's mother were correct.


Yung Gravy told Wittek that the two were "going on a date soon," but were just waiting until he would be in Lousiana for an upcoming show. "I might wait until my New Orleans show. But we've talked, we keep in touch. I've texted a little bit every day."

While Easterling and Yung Gravy's romance has been fairly new, it hasn't come without its fair share of drama, especially from Lopez who directly called out the rapper on his TikTok page, challenging him to a fight.

Lopez's comments toward Yung Gravy eventually prompted the 26-year-old to respond with a few words of his own.


“I’m a grown man. I’m not gonna fight you over TikTok drama. You’ve got one of the most successful daughters in the world and you decide to act half her age to try to get some attention while embarrassing your whole family," Yung Gravy said in a TikTok video.

“So grow up, get some help, and if we cross paths in real life, don’t do anything stupid.”

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